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CoD: Modern Warfare Is Too Fat to Fit on a 250GB SSD!

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Modern Warfare over 250 GB

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has become so huge on PC that it no longer fits on a 250GB SSD and therefore cannot be updated. Get ready for some slightly altered mom jokes a la "Your mom/your CoD is so fat that...".

Remember how Activision recommended that 175GB of free space should be made available for CoD: Modern Warfare? Already in May the game reached almost 200GB and in August it crossed that limit for the first time.

With the last major update to Season 6, it seems that the point has now come where Modern Warfare doesn´t even fit on a 250GB SSD anymore. As Battle(non)sense reported on Twitter, the game can't be updated on such an SSD due to lack of space:

Really Activision?!

  • MW is so fat, even Amazon needs to rent additional servers to save it.
  • MW is so fat, if you would download the internet, MW would still be bigger.
  • MW is so fat, it has its own orbit.
  • MW is so fat, if it was a person it would need the firefighters to shower.
  • MW is so fat, if it needed a belt it would be the equator.

This reddit post sums it up nicely:

On the consoles you can uninstall single data packs, such as the campaign or the co-op mode, if you only play Warzone and the multiplayer. Unfortunately, this is not possible on the PC. So, make sure you have at least a 500GB SSD ready for the upcoming Black Ops Cold War, who knows how big it will be patched.

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