After one year of exclusivity for PS4

CoD: Modern Warfare – Survival Mode Finally on PC & Xbox!

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Co D Modern Warfare Survival Mode

After one year the Survival Mode is now also available on PC and Xbox. (Image credit: Activision)

After being exclusively playable on PS4 for a full year, the Survival Mode is finally available for PC and Xbox since yesterday, October 1, 2020. Will you play the mode? Is it worth it?

When Modern Warfare was announced last year, the news that the Survival Mode will remain exclusively for PS4 for a full year caused some displeasure in the community. At the time, the developers explained that this decision had been made well above their pay grade but that the mode would only make up 1% of the game, and all other content would be available for all platforms from day one.

The one year is over now and the survival mode can finally be played on PC and Xbox since yesterday, October 1.

The necessary survival pack, which has to be downloaded to play the game, was already part of the major Season 6 update. The mode itself became available yesterday.

What Is the Survival Mode?

The Survival Mode is part of the cooperative Spec Ops Mode in Modern Warfare. Here you and three teammates will be attacked on a multiplayer map by bigger and stronger waves of enemies and you have to try to stay alive as long as possible. You just start with a pistol and collect money with every kill, with which you can buy weapons, grenades, or killstreaks after each round, which will make the following rounds easier.

Although the Survival Mode is fun in itself, the majority of the PC and Xbox community probably won't really care about it anymore. As a new Call of Duty part is released every year and Black Ops Cold War will be released in November, a new mode so close to the new CoD should leave most players cold.

Modern Warzone tweeted accordingly:

Will you play the mode, or do you not care at all? We might take a look, but we are a lot more excited about the upcoming beta of Black Ops Cold War. Share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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