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CoD League 2021 Switches to PC & Challengers Get Crossplay

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The Call of Duty League 2021 is played on the PC. (Image credit: Call of Duty League)

This morning the Call of Duty League announced the start of the new season. 2021 the CDL will be played on PC with a controller. In addition, there will be crossplay for the Challengers for the first time.

Yesterday, September 13, the CoD League Season 2020 officially ended and all players whose contracts were not renewed are now free agents. Today, September 14, the 2021 Call of Duty League Season kicks off and teams can sign new players or negotiate with other teams. If you want to know which players have already left their teams, check out our article on the topic:

In addition to the start of the new season, Call of Duty League also announced two other news items: The switch of professional games to PC and crossplay for the Challengers.

Change to PC

All professional games of the CDL 2021 will no longer be played on console but on PC. If you're thinking that finally mouse and keyboard may be used, you'll be quickly disappointed. Despite the change to PC, the controller is still mandatory. The change is intended to increase performance and to offer players a wider range of controllers approved by the CDL. More details about allowed peripherals will follow at a later date.

Crossplay for the Challengers

For the first time in the history of Call of Duty, it will be possible to play in the Challengers online on your personal favorite platform. With the arrival of crossplay in the Challengers, it will be possible to play both on console and PC. All LAN-Challengers of the season will be played exclusively on PC. However, the same restrictions apply as for the professional matches - mouse and keyboard are not allowed, it must be played with a controller approved by the CDL. Furthermore, the CDL reserves the right to make changes or restrictions to the crossplay. It would like to do further tests and possibly introduce hardware restrictions or similar. More information about the rules and how the CDL wants to ensure that the Challengers follow these rules will follow later.

What do you think about the possibility to play on the PC in the future? Do you find it as strange as we do that in a fast shooter like CoD it is still not allowed to play with mouse and keyboard? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

All other news and updates about Call of Duty, such as our guide to the new FiNN LMG, can be found on EarlyGame. Be sure to also check out our Youtube channel!

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