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Call of Duty League 2020 Playoffs About to Start – All Games and Where to Watch Them

Call of Duty
Call of Duty League Playoffs

Tonight, the Call of Duty League playoffs begins. (Image credit: Call of Duty League via Twitter)

After the last Home Series was already played at the end of July, the playoffs of the Call of Duty League 2020 start today - who can make it to the grand final?

Yes, it will start soon: the battle for fame and glory and the entry into the CoD Championship Weekend next weekend. From today until Sunday, August 19-23, the twelve teams of the CDL will fight for one of four places in the Championship Weekend, which will be held from August 29-30.

Where to Watch It?

Whether it's the playoffs or the Championship Weekend, the entire tournament will be broadcast live on the Call of Duty League's official YouTube channel. Just watch here and join in the excitement of who makes it to the top of the Call of Duty food chain:


The twelve teams in the CDL will be divided into Winners and Elimination Brackets based on the CDL points they have earned in the Home Series over the course of the season. The more points they earn, the fewer games are needed to advance to the Winners Finals. Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire will start directly in Match 11 and 12 as first and second place finishers, while the last four finishers will start in the Elimination Bracket. On Sunday, the top four teams will be determined to move into the Championship Weekend.

CDL Playoffs schedule

These are the brackets for the playoffs. (Image credit: Call of Duty League via Twitter)

All Call of Duty League 2020 Playoffs Dates

The game starts tonight at 09:00 PM CET with Paris Legion against Seattle Surge, followed by Los Angeles OpTic Gaming against Los Angeles Guerrillas. Two of these teams will have to leave the tournament tonight.

On Thursday, also starting at 9:00 PM, the first games of the Winners Bracket will follow: London Royal Ravens against Toronto Ultra and New York Subliners against Minnesota ROKKR.

On Friday Chicago Huntsmen will play the winner of the NY vs MIN Series and Florida Mutineers will play the winner of the LDN vs TOR Series.

CDL Wed Fr

The games from Wednesday to Friday start at 09:00 PM CET time. (Image credit: Call of Duty League via Twitter)

Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire will not have their first game until Saturday, and if they win they will move straight into the Championship Weekend. On Sunday, August 23, the Elimination Bracket will be played to determine the last two teams for Championship Weekend.


In the playoffs all matches will be played as best-of-5 in this order:

  • Map 1 – Hardpoint
  • Map 2 – Search and Destroy
  • Map 3 – Domination
  • Map 4 – Hardpoint
  • Map 5 – Search and Destroy

Prize Pool

The total prize pool this year is a whopping $4,600,000, and the CDL has made some adjustments to the payout of the prize money to reward teams that play particularly well in the playoffs. As a result, the prize money for the first places is naturally smaller.

The prize pool distribution is as follows:

  • League Champion – $1,5 million
  • Runner-up – $900.000
  • 3. Place – $600.000
  • 4. Place – $450.000
  • 5. Place – $300.000 (2 Teams)
  • 7. Place – $175.000 (2 Teams)
  • 9. Place – $100.000 (2 Teams)

Put the beer on ice and look forward to a little "Call of Duty" action for the evening. At least the first game of the day should be watched live by the working people among us - night owls of course also the second.

Which team are you cheering for? Do you stick with the only two European teams or do you support one of the top teams? Share your opinion on our Facebook page.

All other Call of Duty news and updates, such as all teasers for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, can be found on EarlyGame.

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