The winners of the CDL 2020 Championships

CoD Grand Finals CDL 2020

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To the Victor goes some sweet loot (Image Credit: CDL/Activision)

This weekend four teams battled for military superiority and $1.5 Million Dollars in the Call of Duty League Championships. Which team was crowned the CoD gods among the FaZe, Huntsman, Empire, or Ravens in the CDL 2020? There can only be one team so find out right now!

Empire Easily Crush Grand Finals

DAL Empire is the CDL 2020 Champions defeating the ATL FaZe again! This time in a best of nine grand finals (5-1). On the way to the grand finals, they beat FaZe in the Upper Bracket Finals (3-2). Empire show they are the true rulers of CoD. And They took home this killer sleek back trophy for their efforts in the CDL. To go along with their Million dollars, The winning team also got some sweet custom swag made by top-notch designers - take a look at the loot linked below, try not to drool:

Cod cdl ring

Champion's Ring with real diamonds and designed by Joe Perez (Image Credit: CDL/Activision)

Cod cdl throne

A Champion's Throne designed by Sheron Barber (Image Credit: CDL/Activision)

Cod cdl shoes

Champion Jordan Kicks also designed by Joe Perez (Image Credit: CDL/Activision)

Cod cdl throphy

CoD 2020 CDL Trophy (Image Credit: CDL/Activision)

Who eliminated Who?

The weekend championship needed to first say goodbye to a couple of teams before the final showdown went down. And the first to go was the LDN Ravens at the hands of CHI Huntsmen (3-1). LDN Ravens had a good run but fighting through the lower brackets took its toll on the team.

Cod cdl ravens huntsmen

Moments after game three The LDN Ravens are eliminated from the CDL

Huntsmen Get So Close!

First ATL FaZe are dropped down to the lower bracket by DAL Empire, and the FaZe are too much for the CHI Huntsmen. On the third map Hardpoint, FaZe win the best of three 250 to 239 The Huntsmen are sent packing ending their run for CDL Champs.

Huntsman faze teams

Moments after game three CHI Huntsman are eliminated from the CDL

Dallas Empire is your first ever CoD CDL Champions and brings the 2020 league season to an end. We look forward to the next season of Call of Duty and hopefully a Grand finals not played remotely because the CDL 2020 was not 100% smooth and had a rocky group stage full of lag and disconnects.

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