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It looks like Infinity Ward missed something

CoD Famas Bug: FR 5.56 Setup Provides Ridiculous One-Shot Kills

Call of Duty
Warzone FR 5.56 Bug
If you run into a player with a FR 5.56, you better fly you fool! (Source: Activision)

Since the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5, a previously unpopular weapon has suddenly become the best in the game. The FR 5.56 with the caliber 12-Deputy Shotgun dominates Verdansk - but for surprising reasons...

The FR 5.56 or aka Famas, is actually a rather unpopular assault rifle, as it does not have a fully automatic firing mode, but is a fire-shotgun. In multiplayer a well-placed firing burst is enough to take out enemies quickly, but in Warzone this is much more difficult to do. Enemies with full armor cannot be killed so easily with the FR 5.56. However, with the Season 5 update, this weapon got a buff to its range making it better for longer range combat. Developer Infinity Ward probably made a small mistake with this buff allowing for a serious in-game bug to occur.

As seen on HusKerrs's stream, he was able to take out fully armored enemies with just one shot - now known as the Famas Bug. The 12-Deputy caliber under-barrel attachment is a shotgun that can be attached to most assault rifles. This is almost never used because grips are usually a much better choice - which is why it took so long to discover this bug in-game.

Currently, this makes it possible to kill any enemy within15m in just one shot - and you don't even need to reload. Obviously, the buff to the gun's range also increased the range of the attachments and thus the shotgun. The weapon is currently the strongest in the game because its damage output can compete with that of a sniper rifle headshot. But it's still better because you don't even need to hit the player in the head. Talk about an Overpowered Gun!

Infinity Ward has already announced that they are aware of the Famas Bug and are working on a solution.

So if you want to get some easy kills quickly, you should hurry up before the bug is fixed. Everyone else should be on their guard, and if you see an opponent with an assault rifle running towards you, take cover!

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