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CoD: Black Ops Cold War – Tips & Tricks for Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

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The second beta weekend of Black Ops Cold War brought some new content to the game. Fireteam: Dirty Bomb is a fun new mode for up to 40 players and we have some tips for you.

After all PS4 players were allowed to start the beta last weekend, now it's the turn for PC and Xbox players. Black Ops Cold War had to take quite some criticism after its first weekend in the beta, which we have already reported on.

But Treyarch has not been idle and is constantly working to improve the game. At least the netcode feels a lot better on the PC for us. Besides some bugfixes, there is also a new big game mode in the beta, which reminds us a bit of Warzone – Firefight: Dirty Bomb.

What Is Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

In the new game mode, a total of 40 players compete in 10 teams of four. The teams must collect uranium and find bombs that are scattered all over the map in which they have to deposit the uranium. Detonating the bomb gives points to the team that placed the uranium and releases radiation over a large area, which affects not only the health of the players in it, but also their perks and movement.
If you should get killed, which is rather likely to happen throughout the match, you have a choice to make: Either you spawn onto a teammate who is not currently in combat, or you parachute right in to the action, or you spawn in a vehicle that is currently being piloted by a teammate.

Here is the reveal trailer:

Source: Call of Duty via YouTube

Why does the mode remind us of Warzone? Besides the fact that you get deployed on the map with a parachute, Fireteam also has armor plates and doors that can be opened (not available in BOCW Multiplayer), all of which we already know from Warzone. In the following, we have collected a few tips for you.

Use Supply Crates

All over the map you can find metal boxes, which contain among other things the much-needed uranium, but you can also get armor plates and killstreaks from them. And the best thing is that, like in Warzone, they even make noises when you are near them. Listen for a quiet clicking sound, as a Geiger counter would make, so you can always find the nearest crate.

Gear Up Fast

Another tip that could also apply to Warzone. Once you start the game, you need to find as much equipment as possible as soon as possible. Armor plates are definitely one of the more important items here, but a self-revive kit or killstreaks can also make the match much easier. If you die, you drop all your equipment, including your collected uranium. In return, you can also pick up everything that is dropped by enemies.


Points are only awarded after the bomb has been activated. (Image Source: Treyarch)

Camp Bomb Sites

There are a total of 5 different bomb sites on the map where each team can deposit their uranium. Once the bomb is activated, the bomb site belongs to the team. So, for easy points it can be worth to camp at the bombs, wait for a team to deposit their uranium and then eliminate them to activate the bomb yourself. That's pretty cheeky and could be considered a dick move, but saves you the trouble of collecting all the uranium and earns you some quick points.

Have you played the new mode yet? And if so, what do you think of it?

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