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Cloud9 to Host LoL Training Camp

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If your looking to get help from the LoL pros, C9 has you covered. (Quelle: Cloud9 via Twitter)

Cloud9 has announced that they will hold another LoL training Camp for players who wish to get good. The Camp will go for 6 weeks starting from September 29. There are even two different camps to choose from, one for newer players and one for aspiring players who wish to take their game to the next level. We have all the important details coming up next.

The two camps are:

  • League of Legends Tournament League (LOLTL)
  • League of Legends Community Camp (LOLCC)
The camps were announced on September 3 on C9's Twitter. They will host these camps for younger people who want to get into LoL and to foster the next generation of skilled players.

Cloud9 has also posted a more detailed schedule about the two camps on its website. It breaks down the main topics/events featured in the training camps. With the camp ending in a tournament to see who the best new players are. Maybe this could be your chance to get scouted by an Academy Franchise!

Camp Info Smaller 1

Camp Info at a glance. (Image Source: Cloud9)

Cloud9 gets philosophical and outright inspirational as they describe their lofty goals for the camp.

Cloud9’s core belief is that esports can unlock the best in everyone, and our Training Grounds program is founded on this idea. Built upon our values of teamwork, excellence, and sportsmanship, Training Grounds is a program that looks to enable and empower the next generation of esports athletes by providing young people with the same suite of resources available to the professional organization.

Cloud9 goes on to also say that the training will be one-on-one and that they want to build a non-toxic and inclusive LoL community. So, if you're looking to upgrade your game consider signing up

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