Before Galakrond, there were the OGs

The classic dragons of Hearthstone ranked

Classic dragons hearthstone ranked

There’s no way around it - dragons are plain cool. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

With Year of the Dragon ending soon, the massive scaly creatures will inevitably fall out of style. At least the lesser ones! Hearthstone dragons from the game’s Classic set aren’t going anywhere and will continue to make their way to our decks. Let’s rank them up!

The age of demon hunters

The Year of the Phoenix begins in just a few days and Demon Hunters will be all the rage in the tavern. The nightmare dragon Galakrond is no longer the coolest kid in town. However, six of his kin will always be cool - they have been here since the launch of the game and will remain forever. Let’s quickly examine each one of them in order of power and cool-factor!


Alextrasza is a control staple and many Mage and Warrior archetypes have made good use of her. Lowering your opponent’s Health and killing them in one decisive swing is a classic Hearthstone move. Alextrasza’s ability annihilates adversaries.


Deathwing is extremely powerful and destructive, much like he was back in his World of Warcraft days. While not exactly a constructed staple, he is an absolute Arena legend and a force to be reckoned with. Deathwing dauntlessly dabbles in destruction.


Malygos is never a bad crafting option. He is a boon to spell-heavy decks and a chart-topper in every meta environment. Malygos’ magic might is magnificent.


Nozdormu has never been a competitive card, but he is extremely fun. Always a surprise to the opponent, this massive time-twisting wyrm shortens the turn clock which always causes complete chaos. If you get the chance to clone him, things get really out of hand! Nozdormu is notorious for nurturing noteworthy nonsense.


Onyxia used to be the leader of the Black Dragonflight and when she comes on the battlefield, she brings her whelps to help. A very playable legendary on the lower level and a niche combo piece at higher, she is synonymous with classic Hearthstone. Onyxia overcomes the opposition and obliterates all opponents.


Last, but not least, is Ysera. An old fan-favorite and an iconic staple to Druid control builds. Those who are able to stall the game and counter the opponent’s aggression long enough to play this massive dragon are rewarded with extremely powerful cards every turn she’s alive. Not to mention the Druids who can cheat her in much earlier than turn 9. That’s all we have to say about her.

Do you have a favorite? You better, because you’ll keep seeing these guys in the upcoming Hearthstone competitive season.

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