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Prestinni had a convincing debut

Chicago Huntsmen win Call of Duty League Seattle Home Series

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Chicago Huntsmen
Chicago Huntsmen fight their way to the top. (Image source: Call of Duty League via Twitter)

Just recently Preston "Prestinni" Sanderson transferred from the Florida Mutineers to the Chicago Huntsmen. Last weekend at the Seattle Home Series he already won his first title with his new team.

Chicago Huntsmen beat London Royal Ravens in the final and are currently at the top of the Call of Duty League rankings.

Seth "scump" Abner, whose reaction to the victory is already making the rounds on Twitter and Reddit as Gif, seems to be especially happy about the victory.

The reunited brothers Prestinni and Arcitys delivered outstanding results, despite little training time together. The Huntsmen were unbeatable in all game modes except Domination. 5-0 for Hardpoint, 3-0 for Search and Destroy and 1-2 for Domination. The Royal Ravens took their first Search and Destroy round in the final, but Huntsmen secured the Domination match with only a single point difference.


The Chicago Huntsmen thus secure 50 CDL points, overtaking Dallas Empire and scoreboard leader Atlanta FaZe. The London Royal Ravens add 30 CDL points to their account with the second place, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles and the New York Subliners get 20 CDL points each for places 3-4. The Los Angeles Guerrillas and Minnesota ROKKR get 10 CDL points each for places 5-6 and Paris Legion and host Seattle Surge go empty.

This is how the current ranking in the Call of Duty League looks like now:

CDL rankings
Chicago Huntsmen at the top of the Call of Duty League rankings.

Chicago Huntsmen are ten points ahead of Atlanta FaZe with 180 points, but have already played one more event. Except for the change from 3rd to 1st place of the Chicago Huntsmen, the order of the first five places has not changed. Atlanta FaZe ahead of Dallas Empire ahead of Minnesota ROKKR ahead of Florida Mutineers. The London Royal Ravens move up one place to sixth, while Paris Legion drops back to ninth. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles and the New York Subliners move up one place each, to seventh and eighth respectively, with the last three remaining unchanged, Seattle Surge, Toronto Ultra and, at the bottom, the Los Angeles Guerrilllas.

What´s up next?

The next event of Call of Duty League will be the Minnesota Home Series starting June 5th.

This time all five top teams will be represented, as Atlanta FaZe as well as Dallas Empire and the Florida Mutineers will be taking part again. So, it remains to be seen whether Atlanta can prove their dominance again, or whether the sibling duo of the Huntsmen or Dallas can stand up to them. This time the London Royal Ravens, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles and Paris Legion will have to miss the Minnesota Home Series.

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