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Cheater Easter Egg in Valorant: Riot Recruits Hackers!

Valorant Cypher vs Sage

Riot Games is cracking down on cheaters and problems with login may arise due to the anti-cheat-ware. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Riot is known to be tough on cheaters. Just recently a wave of bans was unleashed. Now they're giving hackers a job!?

If there's one thing Riot Games can't stand, it's cheaters. And the company is cracking down hard. In the latest game, Valorant, new cheat/ban waves are being released all the time.

Some of them were even punished for cheating in the training range. Riot Games are planning a no mercy strategy for cheaters, as using malware in one of their games will get you banned in every other title by the company. If you're thinking a new account will do the trick, Riot also implemented "Soul bans" which is really a fancy name for hardware bans. Once banned on a certain PC, you won't be able to regain access. Despite all of their efforts, cheaters in Valorant are still something common.


The Hidden Message

Riot Hacker & Cheater Message Job Offer

The Riot Fist and a job offer from the game developer. (Image credit: Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai via Twitter)

Most recently a job offer from Riot to the "forces of evil" was revealed. In a file in the anti-tamper system, they hid a message for the hackers. The code text contained the Riot logo and a job offer:

We're always looking for talented individuals. If you've found this message we implore you to take a look at our job offers.

Why is Riot doing this?

The explanation is simple. Hackers can be categorized as Black, White, and Grey Hats. Good hackers find security holes in the system and try to close them. It's practically a digital arms race and each side wants to have the most capable forces. People who scour files, code, and are into puzzles are best suited for such jobs. Cybersecurity is desperately looking for qualified personnel as more and more companies rely on it.

There is a difference between hackers, script kids, and data miners. But it is to the latter we owe all the leaks. For example, the latest Valorant leak for the upcoming agent:

Leaks, Leaks, Leaks!

Does Riot's offer make sense? Is it a good idea to hire hackers in order to combat others? Share your opinion on Facebook or Instagram!

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