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Microsoft is Cheap, Nintendo Finds Out About 4K, Cyberpunk Stays Loyal and Mario Gets Real Karts and a Battle Royale

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A 4K Switch and a cheap Xbox? It's been a good week for gamers. (Image credit: Microsoft, Nintendo, Cyberpunk 2077)

What a week. Or am I just saying that as a standard phrase to star this entry? Let’s find out by going over this week's highlights.

The Xbox Series S is so cheap it’s got Sony worried, Nintendo found out what 4K is, Ubisoft is Forward thinking (pun, pun), Cyberpunk is still the game of the people, Mario gets the Battle Royale no one wanted and we get the Mario Kart game everybody wanted.

Let’s do this:

Xbox Series S is How Cheap!?

Microsoft made its move while Sony is still dormant and what a move it was: The Xbox Series S will cost $299. Yes, that is very, very cheap for a next-gen system. Great, because now even our interns can afford one. Of course there is a bigger more expensive Xbox at $499: The Xbox Series X. If you’re willing to spend the big bucks, you get a next gen powerhouse that will run 4K games at 120fps. The baby brother is capped at 1440p and has no disc drive but will still run at 120fps. Not bad. Not bad at all. Also, no need to ask your bank for financing: Microsoft got its own financing service called Xbox All Access for $25/$35 a month, including Game Pass.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Did I say that already? Anyways, more info in the video.

Who Told Nintendo About 4K?

Welcome to the 21st century Nintendo. Nintendo has told its developers to get games 4K ready and since the current Switch is not 4K capable, we put on our detective hats and smartly deduced that the Japanese company from the 19th century (founded in 1889, no joke) will be releasing a new Switch that is 4K capable. Bloomberg thinks the same thing, so we’re fairly confident in our claim. So... the PS5 and Xbox get some competition and we might get a 4K handheld. Lovely.

Princes, Gods, Immortals… Ubisoft is Busy.

Ubisoft has been quite busy during COVID-19 times: No E3, no problem, because Ubisoft Forward has filled the void. The developer will bring us a bunch of new games, some of which we want, some of which we don’t: The game formerly known as Gods & Monsters is now called Immortals Fenyx Rising and we’re as hyped for it as we are disappointed about the cheap looking Prince of Persia remake. At least Roller Champions and Riders Republic look pretty damn cool. Good job You Be Soft.

Who’s Ready for Cyberpunk Multiplayer?

People thought Cyberpunk was going to have microtransactions and that’s disappointing. After all, developer CD Projekt Red has always been kind and fair in DLC service and supporting its games. On the other hand though, Cyberpunk’s multiplayer will have microtransactions, so people were kind of right. At least the single player will be one purchase only and the multiplayer is a whole different game coming in 2022. Sounds cool and sounds even better in our video:

A Mario Battle Royale? Uhm… Ok…

I never thought I’d want a Mario Battle Royale and… I still don’t. We’re still getting one though, because Nintendo has decided to give the classic Mario Bros the Tetris 99 treatment and turn it into a Super Mario Bros 35, a 35 player Battle Royale: You and 34 other players play through the same level until there is one person left standing. Hey… at least it’s free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers and, who knows, it could be cool...

Real Life Mario Kart! OMGZ Yes!!11

Remember when you were a kid and were dreaming of really racing your toy cars? Well, Nintendo remembers too, that’s why they’re shipping the new Mario Kart with real toy cars that are racing around your living room as you are controlling them on the Switch. What more is there to say other than: If you don’t like that, you don’t like gaming.

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