The Lost Treasures kicks off tomorrow

Changes for Wraith and buffs for Octane coming with the next update

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Respawn Entertainment announced the next big event for Apex Legends which is set to kick off tomorrow June 23. We already know some of the upcoming changes.

Apex Legends fans can rejoice as the Lost Treasures event is set to begin tomorrow. It’ll feature a new limited-time mode, a new town takeover, legendary skins, a new heirloom, exclusive rewards and more. The patch notes for the Lost Treasures Collection event might less than a day away, but if you’re looking for a sneak peek on what else you can expect, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve already covered the event in a previous piece so feel free to check that out too.

Changes to Wraith

Over a year after the initial release of Apex Legends, Wraith is still one of the most picked legends. Nerfs to her Into the Void, cooldown haven’t stopped players from choosing her over the rest of the cast. The upcoming patch will supposedly “tweak” some part of her kit.

That’s a rather vague description as it might be any of her abilities. Whether it’d be another cooldown change, something to do with her passive or the ultimate, remains to be seen. Just expect some changes fro Wraith.

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Octane buffs

Octane is also a popular pick but doesn’t have as much success as Wraith. Players who favor the adrenaline junkie have long asked for some changes to his kit and they might be coming with the next update. A Respawn designer shared his thoughts on Reddit.

We've got something planned for Octane as well! We'll have to see if it's enough, and if it isn't, we'll follow up with more.
Octane is in such a weird spot. People love playing him (tied for third highest pick rate), he does really well in individual encounters, but squads with an Octane on them have one of the lowest chances to win the whole thing. I think we can only push individual encounter win rate ("selfish" power) so much further before it becomes frustrating to fight him. We gotta figure out ways for him to help his squad win. We'll see how this buff does.

Will there be skill rework or just adjustments?

Lifeline buff

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Lifeline buffs/rework

In the trailer for the new event we saw that Lifeline will be getting some sort of rework. She’s clearly able to revive teammates with her drone now, which makes it much safe and allows her to defend a vulnerable ally with covering fire. Will that be the only change though?

Potential Crypto buffs

Crypto is the legend of choice for the latest town takeover. We can only assume that he’ll also get some love since his pick and win rates are both low. Can the hacker finally become a viable pick for every team?

Stay tuned for more Apex Legends news and make sure to check out EarlyGame and our Youtube channel for more content.

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