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Cars Are Finally Arriving to Fortnite

Fortnite Cars

The delay will be shorter than anticipated. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Vroom, vroom! Fortnite fans have been waiting eagerly and longingly for the appearance of drivable cars in the game. Now the time has finally come: Epic Games announced the date of the car release!

The trailer for Fortnite Season 3 teased us that there will be drivable cars in the game sooner than later. Soon after though, Epic Games made it clear that we'll have to be patient and drivable cars won't arrive in Fortnite until probably mid-to-late August. Epic and delays go hand in hand just like gamers and impatience, but we seem to have arrived on common ground. There are strong indications that we might get cars to drive around the Fortnite map as early as tomorrow.

Will the Fortnite Cars Appear Tomorrow?

Anyone who has played Fortnite in the last few days will have noticed that the flooding has largely disappeared from the island, leaving behind a changed but ultimately functional landscape. With the decline of water levels, new ways of getting around were to be created. As in - cars.

On July 24, Epic announced in a tweet that it would take "a few weeks" before the cars would be on the road. Less than two weeks have passed, however, and it seems like the cars will be moving around the map much sooner than expected.

The classic sports car was leaked a while back and now is the face of the Fortnite car revolution. "It's not just a name. it's a warning", say the developers on the car's imposing title - Whiplash. That's raising the bar quite a bit, so we can't wait to see what Epic have in store.

Another vehicle was unveiled in a separate tweet. Once again, it's one that's been leaked previously. The Mudflap truck might not look as cool as the Whiplash, but it could be a real menace on the road by the size of it.

We're expecting fireworks...and cars tomorrow, August 5. There should be more than just these two, but at this point we just want something to drive to be honest.

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