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Call of Duty Leak: New Zombies Outbreak Event Coming to Warzone & Cold War! [Update]

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L'Oréal – Because you're worth it. (Credit: Activision)

Cold War and Warzone are getting a new zombie event! Surprise? No. Hype? Definitely. We're gonna take all the zombie content we can get. Let's dig into all we know about the new Zombies Outbreak Event:

Seriously, we can't remember the last week (day?) where there was not a Call of Duty leak. Just look at these pieces from the last couple of days alone:

Update February 18th:

We've only just summarized all the leaks about the upcoming new open-world zombie mode, and already those leaks are being confirmed. Activision has accidentally confirmed on their website that Outbreak will be a "new, large-scale zombies experience". A trailer and more information are not yet available, but should probably arrive soon.

Original article:

The latest leak now concerns an open-world Zombies map: Data miners (should we just call them journalists at this point?) found out what this new Zombies Outbreak Event will contain. Activision even dropped a hint or two themselves:

Activate_Zombie? Yes, real subtle there Activision, real subtle. (Credit: TheCityofZ via YouTube)

So Activision teased the upcoming Zombie Outbreak Event via the typical 'distorted-chatter' radio comms hints. It all hints at a ship called Vodianoy smuggling Nova 6 onto the battlegrounds of Warzone.

As for Cold War, the Zombies trial machine just suddenly appeared in a hospital and when interacting with it, it states "ZAI/ACTIVATE_ZOMBIE".

Subtle. Real subtle, Activision. Truth be told, that was already reason enough to run this article, but then data miners gave the whole thing even more legs on Reddit:

Reddit user Margwa_ states that the new Zombies Outbreak Event will come to Warzone and to Cold War. Naturally, you'll get a whole new set of challenges and you will be rewarded with blueprints for completing them. We'll also get new zombies to fight against, along with some new bosses and more zombie specialties and abilities. Oh, and the bosses will drop a special weapon when you take them out.

According to the Reddit leaks, the map will be open-world with warping, meaning it's not exactly a traditional open-world. Still, we'll take it. Also, there's talk of a PvPvZ mode and, honestly, that sh*t sounds hype af!

That's all we know for now, but you know we got all the Call of Duty content right here anyway – we'll keep you posted.

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