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Some of the best tips to help you win this season

Six Tips To Win In Warzone Season 3

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Warzone Tips and Tricks Season 3
You'll be racking up wins in no–time with these tips. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

We've put together a list of some of our best tips to use in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3. Read carefully and your squad will be taking the chopper home from now on! 

With Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone well underway we thought it was time for a refresher course on all the tips and tricks. It can be a hard road to winning in a Battle Royale, but if you and your team can learn the basics, you'll be riding up the leaderboard in no time. 


Stop Spam Reloading

This is a terrible trap for beginners in Call of Duty: Warzone, they get scared and reload after only 5 shots when they still had 55 in the magazine, then another enemy jumps them. Put simply: make sure you've got the squad wipe notification before you consider yourself actually safe. If you do need to reload before then - get covering fire from a teammate.    

Loadouts Are Your First Priority In Warzone

The first thing you want to do in Warzone is work towards a loadout for the team, even if the weapons you've picked up are strong. Loadouts are going to give you not just weapons but perks, grenades and tactical equipment too. They aren't hugely expensive either when you consider you're getting all that for 2,500 (quads) or 3,300 (trios) per player. 

Plates. Plates. Plates. 

Plates make up 3/5 of your full health potential in Warzone. You need to stay plated to win engagements, and so do your squad. 

  • When you land look for plates and equip them ASAP, then make sure all of your team are plated - even if that means you don't get spares
  • When you are in firefights prioritize positioning yourself somewhere where you can re–plate, and do so throughout the fight
  • Plate bundles are massively good value, so buy them if members of the squad are still running on only base–health. Armor boxes are also fantastic, and well worth it.  
  • Before you re–supply from an armor box - drop all your plates. This last one is infuriating to see players forget. The armor box will always give you the full amount of plates you can carry, so drop the ones you have beforehand. 

Final Circle Location Is Everything

Once you're set up with a loadout for the team, you're going to want to focus on positioning towards the safe zone and getting intel on where the final circle will be - being prepared for the end is the difference between winners and losers in Warzone

Note: since Activision caught wind of how strong the recon–meta was last year, they've removed lots of recons from Verdansk. So while you can't play entirely for recons anymore, they are still worth doing if you can get a safe one capped. 

Don't Run Straight Into The Circle

People have been playing Call of Duty: Warzone for a long time now, it's Season 3 of year 2, and you're up against serious competition. Moving back to the circle in a straight line is suicide; it makes it much easier for other teams to cut you off and flank you, and environmental factors will force you to move along non–optimal paths. Instead, move around either clockwise or counterclockwise with the gas as it closes in, and you'll make yourselves a much harder target. Here's another Warzone tip to win - target the people who do move in a straight line back to the circle.  

Your Kill Count Is Meaningless

Saving the best till last – your kill count is completely meaningless; do not engage unless you have to, you'll expose yourself and your team, and you'll make it much harder to ever win. This is really key to winning in Call of Duty: Warzone - especially with the low ttk in season 3. Instead, let the chumps wipe each other out while you preserve your strength for the end–game. 

Those are just six of the best tips on how to win Call of Duty: Warzone in Season 3, but for other tricks, loadout guides and more, visit our hub for Call of Duty intel

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We hope these have been helpful tips, now get out there and start winning! Let us know you're own tips on Twitter or Facebook, or better yet join us on EarlyGame for more of the latest news and the greatest guides.