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Is it really time to Die Hard in Warzone Season 3: Reloaded?

Warzone & BOCW 80s Action Heroes and Rambo Release Date Confirmed

Call of Duty
warzone bocw 80s action hero rambo release date
We have the release date for the new 80s Action Hero content, which includes Rambo! (Credit: Activision)

The 80s Action Heroes content is coming to Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 3: Reloaded, continuing Season 3's 1980s theme. We take a look at what's included, whether we'll be playing as Rambo and John McClane, and both the 80s Action Heroes and Season 3: Reloaded release date. What is the 80s Action Heroes release date? You're in the right place!

The Black Ops Cold War and Warzone mid-season update for Season 3 is just around the corner, and it looks like we'll get a bunch of 1980s Action Heroes in Season 3: Reloaded! The Rambo Operator and John McClane Operator have been getting teased for a couple of weeks now, and we finally have some answers... When is the Rambo, John McClane and 80s Action Heroes Content release date? Let's get to it...

But first, here's everything else we've covered about the Rambo Operator and 80s Action Heroes content!

When is the Season 3: Reloaded, Rambo & 80s Action Heroes Release Date?

On May 20, the Rambo and John McCane operators will release as part of the 80s Action Heroes content in Season 3: Reloaded. That's right, in less than a week you will be able to play BOCW and Warzone Season 3, as well as the Rambo and John McClane Operator skins, and the other 80s Action Heroes content. Doesn't that sound insanely soon? Well, yes silly, it is! It really doesn't feel like that long since the disappointing Nuke Event and Warzone Season 3, but here we are. Yay...

What is the 80s Action Heroes Content in Warzone & BOCW Season 3: Reloaded?

  • John McClane Operator
  • Rambo Operator
  • AMP63 Weapon
  • Baseball Bat Weapon
  • Other 1980s Content

There's a ton coming in BOCW and Warzone Season 3, and considering that this whole season has been 1980s themed, we expect that John McClane and Rambo won't be the only 80s Action Heroes to grace our Warzone screens.

Some heroes Die Hard. Others draw First Blood. The action begins May 20th.

The quote in the official Call of Duty Twitter Account's tweet says it all, really. Warzone Season 3: Reloaded is just around the corner, as is the same for BOCW, and we couldn't be more hyped. The 80s Action Hero theme is pretty nice, as is the inclusion of Rambo and John McCane. What else is coming? Well, that's yet to be confirmed...


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