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Ural Mountains? 1980s? What is the new Warzone Map?

What Will The New Warzone Map Be?

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Warzone 1980s verdansk map
Some rumors suggest a possible 1980s Verdansk map... (Credit: PrestigeIsKey via YouTube)

There is a lot of speculation surrounding the new Warzone Map, which is rumored to be coming after the Nuke Event. It seems clear that there is a new Warzone Map coming, but the big question is: what will the New Warzone Map be? Well, let's take a look at all the leaks and rumors so far... 

Well, Raven Software, Verdansk is getting a bit boring. Zombies? More Zombies? Even more Zombies? They are increasing, increasing, and increasing some more. Spreading ceaselessly across Verdansk's rolling hills. This has to be stopped, Verdansk must be... fixed. That's ominous! What about a new map?

Is Warzone Getting a New Map In Season 3?

It seems pretty clear at this point, that Warzone will be getting a new map in Season 3. Verdansk is running out of steam, and Raven Software knows it. Oh, and with all of these zombies roaming around, there's got to be something about to happen. Well, there better be, if not, then all of this would have been pretty pointless! What will happen to Verdansk, though? Well, that's why you're reading this article. Stop being so impatient!

What Will The New Warzone Map Be?

There are two options for what the New Warzone Map will be: Ural Mountains, or 1980s Verdansk. Neither of these options are set in stone, there could be a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth (okay, we can stop counting now) option. Who knows? Who cares? We care! Let's take a look at the different options...

warzone zombies shipwreck new warzone map
The Zombies entered Verdansk via the Shipwreck... Season 2 seems like it began so long ago now! (Credit: Activision)

Warzone: Ural Mountains Map

It is quite likely that the new Warzone Map will be set in the Ural Mountains, a region in Western Russia. If so, it will probably be a culmination of several Black Ops Cold War multiplayer maps, and may have a 250-player limit. Yet again, all of this is speculation – but it would be bloody awesome!

We covered the Ural Mountains map in more details, here:

Some cool new features rumored to be coming to the Ural Mountains map include Radioactive Hazards, Riding on Boats, and Swimming. This kind of makes sense, with Verdansk probably going up in a huge boom. After the Nuke Event, there will probably be a bit of radiation around. With such a big Warzone map, we can't wait to see how all of this plays out... if it turns out to be real.

Warzone: 1980s Verdansk Map

In a pretty wild leak a few weeks ago, a video was released which revealed a 1980s version of Verdansk. With Black Ops Cold War Zombies Mode opening the door to all kinds of outlandish ideas in Call of Duty, it is not out of the realm of possibility for us to be transported back in time. That is: kaboom goes Verdansk, and off we head to a new Warzone 1980s map.

We covered the 1980s Verdansk Map in more detail, here:

Holy cow with a cucumber, now this looks awesome! It would fit quite well, too, with Black Ops Cold War being set in the 1980s. What makes this leak especially curious, is that Activision had the leaked footage removed from Twitter. That's a little suspicious, right? Well, if it's correct, then we will be seeing some old-school versions of well-known Verdansk landmarks like the stadium, the dam, or the airport.

Warzone: Other New Map Ideas

When it comes to a new Warzone map, there are a ton of other ideas too. What if we just enter a Fallout-style wasteland? What if we go back even further, to a Vietnam-based map? What about just an expansion to the same map, open it up further to the North? A night-time Rebirth Island (please, no!)? So many options, so little time! We are on the edge of our seat waiting to see what the new Warzone Map will be...

What is the Warzone Nuke Event & New Map Release Date?

The Warzone Nuke Event, and thus the new map reveal, will probably come on April 21, at about 12PM PT. This is due to the teasers that Activision sent out to various leakers and personalities in the Call of Duty community. Check it out:

No matter which the reality turns out to be reality, we are excited to see the new Warzone map. It seems that this will happen pretty bloody soon, so just hold onto your pants, eat some pizza, drink some mountain dew, and wait to see exactly what the folks over at Raven Software have in store for us next...


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