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What We Wish For in Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is about to be released on November 13. We played both the alpha and beta versions of the game and tested them extensively. In this video we summarized some of the wishes we have for the full version of the game.

One of the problems we had in the alpha and beta is that often it was very difficult to identify opponents. The character models virtually merge with the background, which is why you often shoot at player names and health bars rather than at the actual player. Character models and visibility are definitely something Treyarch needs to improve for the official launch.

Spawn points are another factor we can’t help but criticize. Although maps in the beta offer enough space - not like e.g. Shipment in Modern Warfare - it happened again and again that opponents spawned in our back or we spawned directly in front of an opponent's shotgun. We hope that Treyarch is still doing some fine-tuning here.

The connection and Netcode issues have improved a bit, but there are still disconnections or unregistered hits. Registering hits is obviously important for any shooter, but that’s especially true for a dynamic shooter like Call of Duty where you can die in an instance. Treyarch, please fix this.

Last and definitely least is our rather small wish of a progress indicator in the armory. It currently only shows what will be unlocked next, but not how long it will take. We would like to have some kind of indicator that shows us when the next item will be unlocked.

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