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The new Warzone Power Grab mode makes Verdansk even more wild

What Is Power Grab? A Guide to Warzone's New Dog Tag Mode

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Power Grab: Warzone's New Dog-Tag Mode
Jump into a more aggressive Verdansk this week! (Credit: Activision)

Warzone Season: 3 Reloaded is finally here, and brings with it one of the most aggressive Battle Royale experiences so far - Power Grab. What is this new Warzone Power Grab? Why is it so cool, and how should you play it? We have the full-scoop, here at EarlyGame!

You might have had the chance on Thursday night to jump into Season 3: Reloaded. If not, then you certainly will this weekend, and you will find an unbelievable for you to try out. The '80s Action Heroes event is much much more than just skins for Rambo and John McClane, it also adds an exciting new game mode: Power Grab. The new Warzone Power Grab mode is a very aggressive version of Battle Royale, so we've put together a guide to familiarize you with the basics before you drop in.



What Is Power Grab? 

In the new Power Grab Warzone mode, players drop dog tags when they die, which can be collected and exchanged for rewards. The new game mode is purpose-built to bring players out of the shadows, and into the '80s action. Here's a full list of rules:

  • Power Grab is played in teams of three.
  • You spawn with a Milano 821.
  • The safe area is smaller, and there are fewer circles until the end. 
  • There is no gulag. Instead, you can buy players back, or collect three dog tags. 

What Are the Dog Tag Rewards in Power Grab?

  1. UAV
  2. Heavy Weapon Crate
  3. Respawn Token
  4. Cluster Strike
  5. Armor Satchel
  6. Advanced Gas Mask
  7. Precision Airstrike
  8. Specialist Bonus
  9. Advanced UAV

How Do You Win Power Grab?

The best way to win Power Grab is by sticking with the squad, getting aggressive, and working as a team. Don't let missions or new locations distract you, you've got less time than normal, so you should be going for those hot drops and trying to win engagements. You'll be rewarded far more for playing this way than if you avoid other players. Oh, and another tip, make sure you defend the bodies of your fallen allies, to deny the enemy team a free dog tag.

We hope that these tips can help you with all the 80s action in Warzone's new Power Grab mode. Now, get out there and start collecting some tags! 

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