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Three theories to rule them all...

What Happened to the Warzone Ural Mountains Map? Three Theories...

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warzone ural mountains map season 4
What happened the Ural Mountains map? Verdansk '84? Nah... come on, Raven Software! (Credit: Activision)

Whatever happened to the Warzone Ural Mountains Map? The Nuke Event is over, we have a new map in Verdansk '84, and it has been months since the leaks started coming in. The Ural Mountains Map was one of the most exciting Warzone leaks ever, and we think that it could still be coming. Here's why...

The Warzone Ural Mountains Map began to circulate the Warzone Leak community as long ago as December last year. It has been a long ride, with an entire Season having come and gone, the Nuke Event destroying Verdansk, and players being dumped with one of the biggest disappointments in modern video gaming history: Verdansk '84. Where the hell did the Warzone Ural Mountains Map go?

We're here to take a look at three theories we have regarding what could have happened the Warzone Ural Mountains Map. First, though, you should check out the rumors that these theories originated from...

Was the Warzone Ural Mountains Map Cancelled?

The Warzone Ural Mountains Map could have been cancelled. Let's face it, this is a very real possibility. Maybe it was in the books, it was under development, Raven Software were having a nice ol' time buildin' it, and for some reason or another it got cancelled. This would be a shame, because the Ural Mountains Map idea was pretty sweet.

Our main reservation about this suggestion is the following: Let's face it, the Warzone Ural Mountains Map idea was pretty lazy... Wow! Controversial! Hear us out. It's a map that's made up of a number (probably four) Black Ops Cold War maps, mushed together, probably with some nice open spaces, and viola! A new map. We're not saying it's easy – it's still video game development, which is never easy – but an Ural Mountains Map in Warzone hardly sounds like a stretch...with the BOCW theme... the Nuke... it just fits, you know?

Will the Ural Mountains Map Come in Warzone Season 4?

The Ural Mountains could come in Warzone Season 4, because Verdansk '84 could all be Adler's hallucination. That might sound a little wild, but if you think about it: not really. For Adler to enter a "mind-palace" style trance due to the insane torture he has suffered through. In that way, Verdansk '84 could just be one big troll, with the real new Warzone Map coming in Season 4 as the Ural Mountains Map.

If this is true, then we would have to give kudos to Raven Software, that's a nice little trick you have pulled there, boys. Everyone is excited about the Warzone Ural Mountains Map, so keep that speculation going, build it up, and reveal it at the end of Season 3 like you did with the Nuke Event. Verdansk '84 isn't terrible in itself, just disappointing, so keeping us going in anticipation for the Ural Mountains Map would be a clever way to keep us engaged!

Will the Ural Mountains Map Come Later in 2021?

There are rumors circling that Call of Duty 2021 won't actually come out this year, so maybe Ural Mountains will come instead of integration with CoD 2021. This one, in particularly, makes a lot of sense. The replacement for Call of Duty 2021, rumored to be called Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard, would be the remaster of Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer, so there wouldn't be much to work on for Warzone. Especially since Warzone was already based on Modern Warfare (2019)...

Thus, maybe the Warzone Ural Mountains Map could be a way to revert the mistakes that were made due to the integration with Black Ops Cold War, rebalance the game properly, introduce a new and fresh map, and keep Call of Duty alive despite a delayed 2021 entry. It could even be an anniversary celebration of BOCW... nah, that game sucks. We think that this could very well be a worthy theory, and could also answer the other question: why release Verdansk '84 instead of an Ural Mountains Map? Well, because CoD 2021 might be delayed, and they're going to need the Ural Mountains further down the road...

ural mountains map warzone
Did you know that the Ural Mountains are a real mountain range in Western Russia? They look beautiful, too! (Credit: ancient-origins.net via Pinterest)

Well, there you have it: three theories to explain what happened to the Warzone Ural Mountains map. Three theories to explain why we didn't get it in Season 3, and why we have been lumped with one of the most disappointing and lamest "new maps" in Call of Duty history. Don't get us wrong, we still love Warzone. We would just love it more if we were playing an Ural Mountains Map.


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