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Are they really that special...?

What Are Special Weapons in Warzone?

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special weapons in Warzone
What are the special weapons in Warzone? Let's take a look! | © Activision

Special weapons are very popular now that Warzone Season 4 has dropped, but what are they? We take a look at the special weapons in Warzone, what they are, and why they are so great: What are special weapons in Warzone?

With the Nail Gun shooting its way onto our Warzone screens with style and substance, players are wondering what the deal is with special weapons in Warzone. Why are they so popular, and why are players so hyped for the Nail Gun in particular? Well, to get to the core of the matter, there is one question in particular that needs answer: what are special weapons in Warzone?

Look, we're sorry. It's complicated. We're interrupting your read for a very good reason, and we promise that you will be happy when you find out why. Are you all caught up on Warzone Season 4? Yes? Well, bugger off then. No? Alright, here are a few articles to help catch you up!

What are Special Weapons in Warzone?

Special weapons are not a real category in Warzone, as the Special Weapons category only exists in Black Ops Cold War. The BOCW Special weapons are spread over multiple weapon categories in Warzone. Special weapons in Warzone sometimes require you to complete certain actions, and are not acquired simply through the Battle Pass or other methods.

The Special Weapons category in Black Ops Cold War make it a whole lot easier to identify which weapons are indeed "special". Special Weapons in Warzone are not a real category, which makes things a tad complicated – but that's okay! Regarding the new Nail Gun in Warzone Season 4, players will need to get five eliminations with other special weapons to unlock the damn thing – in fifteen different matches. That's okay – we're EarlyGame, and we've got you covered!

What Special Weapons Are There in Warzone?

  • M79 Grenade Launcher
  • R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow
  • Ballistic Knife
  • Nail Gun

If you want to unlock the Nail Gun, then you will need to pick up one of the other three special weapons, and go out for a nice killing spree. Just go boom-boom, smack a few of your friends with crossbow bolts, slice some throats with the Ballistic Knife, and voilà! Many murders and fifteen matches later, and you've got it! Sounds simple, right? Not particularly... Okay, whatever, let's just get on with it...

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