Raven Software Breaks Warzone's Recon Contracts...

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Warzone is once again broken, with Recon Contracts unable to be collected for many players.
warzone recon contracts bug
Recon Contracts are not working in Warzone. | © Activision

Warzone is broken once again, with many players unable to collect Recon Contracts due to an ongoing bug. This is a big shame, considering that Recon Contracts are absolutely fabulous, and it's going to need to fixed pretty bloody soon! Come on Raven, we know that you're working on Caldera, but that got delayed, so maybe you have a bit more time to fix this?

Perhaps not, though, we'll explain this bug to you, but first we want to say: don't hold your breath for too many fixes to come before Warzone's new Caldera Pacific Map releases on December 8/9. Why? Well, they're releasing a whole new map, and Verdansk '84 is going to be kaput. They're not going to introduce many fixes until the new map comes out, sorry!

What is Wrong with Recon Contracts in Warzone?

Warzone's Recon Contracts are, for many players, not allowing you to collect the contents. This is a massive problem, and something we've seen with Scavenger Contracts in the pass. Often these boxes get stuck in walls or other environmental objects (trees, rocks, vehicles, etc.) and are then unable to be interacted with. What a shame, right?

Tons of players are reporting that not only are some Recon Contracts just unable to be interacted with, but others are appearing in the most bizarre places possible. Some appear hanging from the branches of trees, some clinging to the ceiling, or in the case of King_Bobzilla, sitting on a chandelier...

Recon spawned on top of a chandelier...no way to get to it. from CODWarzone

There are so many players complaining about stuff like this, it's actually quite nuts. It's also a big problem because Recon Contracts are integral to the Warzone experience. We just hope that it gets resolved properly, and that we don't have to wait until Caldera to use Recon Contracts again. Realistically, though - as we discussed previously - that is quite likely to happen.

What are Recon Contracts in Warzone?

Recon Contracts are little drops that allow players to collect cash that they can then spend on their next Loadout Drop. It also can provide you with some pretty useful information about the next circle. Players generally prefer Scavenger Contracts, but let's be real: Recon Contracts are super important.

That's why it's quite interesting that Scavenger Contracts have had the same problem in the past. Perhaps we should be showing Recon Contracts a little more love? Maybe? Have I convinced you? I hope so! Let's be real, though, it's a pain in the butthole, but it's also pretty funny to see Recon Contracts spawning in bizarre places. Less funny, though, when a Recon Contract is right there, and you can't interact with it. Please fix this, Raven!