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This Warzone Zombies leak is a brain-munching affair.

Leak: Zombies Heading to Hospital in Warzone

Call of Duty
warzone hospital zombies
Zombies might be heading for Hospital in Warzone's Verdansk... better evacuate! (Credit: Activision)

In the latest Call of Duty: Warzone leak, it seems that Zombies may be spreading to Hospital in Warzone's Verdansk Map. The leak follows weeks of speculation around the rumored Nuke Event, and it's involvement with the Zombie outbreak currently devastating the Island Nation.

Activision and Raven Software have sent hospital 'scrubs' to influencers with a new note, hinting that Verdansk will be seeing a new Zombie outbreak. This time? The brain-munching b**tards are heading for the hospital! S**t.

As you can see in the Tweet from good ol' ModernWarzone, the scrubs feature a note, and certainly suggest something fishy's awry... The note reads:

The latest diagnosis? It's looking grim in Verdansk. Escape while you still can. I'd say, "take two of these and I'll see you in the morning." But you won't last until morning.

Holy cow, what could this mean? Well, there is certainly a suggestion here that something big could be happening tomorrow. Oh, and they sent hospital scrubs. So... yeah, it's a pretty safe bet that Zombies will be at Hospital within hours.

Try not to freak out... stay calm...

Warzone's event last week was a little underwhelming, we all have to admit... This spread is a bit concerning, though, isn't it? Do we smell a Nuke Event in the air? Or perhaps that smell is just rotting flesh... we're going to ponder this for a little while.

Whatever the smell is, new content, and constant changes to Warzone is really making us moist. The Zombie spread is certainly keeping us on our toes, though it would be nice of that bloody Ural Mountains map would come around and freshen us all up. If not, well, we suppose that we'll just have to take a shower...


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