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Zombies, Contamination and Radiation... Nuke Event?

Warzone Zombies: Verdansk is at 100% Contamination & Has New Radiation Zones

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warzone containment protocol 100 percent
It seems that the Zombie contamination has reached 100% in Warzone's Verdansk... (Credit: Activision)

A new Containment Protocol Alert has been released by Warzone's Armistice Central Command, declaring that Zombie contamination has reached 100%. Additionally, new Radiation Zones have appeared across Verdansk, as the Zombies continue to spread towards the Dam. 

But don't listen to us go on about this stuff, see for yourself:

This is pretty interesting, but it doesn't give us much information. Well, lucky you, because leaker ModernWarzone stepped up and revealed the details surround this Verdansk contamination: If you die in the radiation zone, you will be turned into a zombie. Sounds familiar? That's because it draws on what we once had with the Haunting in Verdansk Halloween Event:

Warzone Contamination Update Patch Notes

Here's the exact list of what's new in the Warzone update, aka, here are the patch notes:

  • A new fully auto pistol
  • Outbreak reaches 100%
  • Radiation zones in Verdansk will show a nuclear symbol
  • You'll turn into a zombie when dying to radiation

Oh, and here's a Tweet stating exactly what we just wrote, because... why not:

Now Activision also released a good ol' containment protocol, starting off with:

Attention All Surviving Verdansk Operators,

Given current models and errant transmissions, please be aware of the following:

A major contagion warning has been issued for the Gora Dam following the movement of hostile forces from the areas southwest. It is believed that all mutations of the current threats may be present in this area. Consider these threats extremely dangerous.

If you wanna read the full statement, be our guest. Other than that: Am I the only one moister than an oyster right now? 

Excitement level 100%!


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