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Warzone Zombies: Containment Protocol 3 & Superstore Outbreak

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warzone containment protocol 3
It looks like the Zombies have reached the Superstore, and a Containment Protocol Level 3 has been announced. (Credit: Activision)

It seems that the Zombies have reached the Superstore in Warzone, with Armistice Central Command declaring a Containment Protocol Level 3, with contamination levels up to 66 Percent. The extraordinarily high level spells worries about Warzone's Verdansk Operatives, who have been at the center of the ongoing crisis.

On April 8, Armistice Central Command announced via Twitter that they were upgrading reported contamination levels to 66%, and declaring a Containment Protocol Level 3. The announcement comes as a shock to Verdansk Operatives, as they continue to struggle against the Warzone Zombie outbreak.

What is so shocking, is that Armistice Central Command seem content to keep Verdansk Operative operations going in the undead-ravaged Verdansk region, despite the threat. In response to queries from journalists close to Central Command, the following message was released via social media:

Central Command has received a number of reports from field operatives – especially during the last 24 hours – that raise concerns regarding the accuracy of the Verdansk Contamination Levels. We can assure you that the estimated threat, and physical manifestations thereof, continue to be at manageable levels. Without a full and clear picture, personal evidence of so-called “zombie” activities from Operators on the ground continue to be speculative and anecdotal.

Outrage is continuing to increase, as Verdansk Operatives, as well as civilians have not been evacuated from the inundated region, and Warzone Zombies continue to pillage and plunder local resources and points of interest.

warzone zombies containment protocol level 3
It is thought that the undead outbreak began when a ship collided with the shores of Verdansk. (Credit: Activision)

The continued defiance of authorities to remove personnel and civilians from the danger zones spells a warning for what is to come. If Armistice Central Command plan on solving the ongoing threat, they won't be getting anywhere with this kind of messaging:

We have updated the Contamination Levels to 66%. Although this seems more than a little concerning, we can assure you that this refers to the presence of toxic matter and not complete contamination.

It is true that prior areas of infestation have now been cleared of contaminants, but the continued spread of the Warzone Zombies has called into question whether the rumored Nuke Event is fast approaching, and if so, when.

When is the Warzone Nuke Event?

The Warzone Nuke Event seems to be gearing up for the Warzone Season 3 release, which should be on or around April 22. With continued Zombie contamination across Verdansk, it is yet to be seen what this will mean for the Warzone meta. Will there be a new map? Will it be in the Ural Mountains region of West Russia, or will we end up with a new Nuke-ravaged Verdansk? Whatever will happen due to this Containment Protocol Level 3, we are excited to find out!


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