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More zombies, more nukes

Warzone Leak: Zombies Headed to the Bank

Call of Duty
warzone downtown bank zombies
Zombies have been spreading far and wide, now it seems they are going to the Downtown Bank. (Credit: Activision)

In the latest teaser from Activision, it seems that the Zombie horde has reached Downtown's Bank, or at least will be there soon. With Zombies headed to the Bank, the Warzone outbreak is spreading further and further, ever the more rapidly. Will the rumored event be on us soon?

Well, we better grab all the cash sacks from the bank vaults! The Zombies will be upon us soon, and we don't want to lose all that good ol' fashioned paper-money. Actually, no... it is probably better for us to rely on our credit cards from now on. The horde is a-coming, and we are a-worried for the structural integrity of our brains. We don't particularly feel like being munched up (at least not by zombies, that is)...

Now that we have that uncomfortable joke out of the way, it seems that some major Call of Duty leakers have been receiving a piggy bank, and the following letter:

Acropolis National Bank has been operating as a zombie institution for years, but nobody thought their assets would end up six feet under... Hope you have Diamond Hands, Operator.

WELP... and we didn't just misspell "well". That was actually us making the sound that seems to so-often accompany these updates. Nervousness... Welp... It seems our brains are not so safe after all!

We have been following these outbreaks from the beginning, when the undead first hit Verdansk's shores back at the beginning of Season 2. Since the Shipwreck, it seems the Zombies have now been to the Prison and the Hospital. With the Bank now a hotspot, it can only be so long until the military decide to press the button.

What would thus follow, would be a catastrophic Nuke Event that our children will speak of for generations. We should be prepared for it. Heroism or death, this is the cause we are fighting...

warzone bank zombies
They might be heading to the Downtown Bank, but are all the other banks safe? (Credit: Activision)

When Will the Warzone Nuke Event Happen?

We have less than a month now until the Nuke Event is rumored to occur – just before Season 3 drops, so around April 22. The question is, how much further will the Zombies spread? We are so unsure of what's in Verdansk's future. Will it be replaced with a new Ural Mountains map? Will the zombies stay? Will it be devastated by a nuclear bomb? Hopefully all these questions will be answered soon...


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