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Submit Your Brains for Consumption

Yellow Access Card in Warzone's Shipwreck: Location & Guide

Call of Duty
warzone shipwreck
Warzone's new Shipwreck hosts some blokes who really like the taste of brain in the morning... (Credit: Activision)

There's a brand-new card in Warzone, and it's yellow. We're talking about the new Yellow Access Card that was introduced with Season 2. The card makes us ponder many questions: what does it do, how do we get it, what's the meaning of life? Well, it's located in Warzone's Shipwreck, and it's going to be a pain in the ass to get.

Warzone is swimming in Access Cards. This was probably a bad joke (get it, the Yellow Access Card is on a boat?), mainly because there are only two big access cards: yellow and red. Red is for Bunkers, yellow is for something else. What? Well, to give you a little teaser: we hope you are not too attached to your brains.

Yummy, yum, yum... Yellow Access Card, you better be worth it... (Credit: GIPHY)

Look, this a$$hole is pretty easy to collect... in theory. At least, it is pretty straight forward, but not at all easy. Sounds like fun, let's jump in.

Yellow Access Cards in the Shipwreck: What, Where, How – All the Question Words

G'day, EarlyGamers, and g'day brain munchers, now that this obnoxiously long subheading is out of the way, it's time for a little adventure. Let's head into the Shipwreck! Oof, it stinks like brains in here...

warzone shipwreck 2
Another gorgeous depiction of the latest, and only, infested shipwreck in Verdansk. (Credit: Activision)

It might have seemed like a pretty bloody obvious joke, considering how many times we have now repeated the word “brain”, both in singular and plural form. We're talking about Zombies. The brain eating, infectious types. The walking corpses that have filled up the big boat that seems to have become stranded off the coast. They house a bright yellow secret.

This wrecked ship has brought Zombies to Verdansk, and to get the Yellow Access Card you need to jump inside. Jump into the new Point of Interest and start slaying Zombies. Don't worry about slaying the most, but make sure you are there when the zombie count gets low.

If you manage to kill the last Zombies, you will get the Yellow Key Card. It's that simple, and that easy. Well, as we said, not that easy. In other words, and in a quick answer to "what, where, how"... Yellow Access Card, in the Shipwreck, with the last Zombie kill. Enjoying this little game of Cluedo?

What Can I Bloody Do with It?

Mate, it's pretty straight forward. First thing is to not get shot. Second is to find yourself a yellow loot crate. They are on the ship, and will be specified by a popup on the screen. The most important thing, though, is that there is only one Yellow Access Card per lobby. So, get in quick!

When you open the crate, you will collect a bunch of cool s**t. It includes a ton of cash, some armor satchels, some weapons, and more! It's not going to be easy – sooner or later, everybody's gonna know about this sweet, sweet loot – and more and more people are going to make their way to the Shipwreck (who doesn't love killing Zombies?).

Thus, be careful, let players kill each other, then make your way in and snag those last few kills to get yourself the Yellow Access Card. This way, you can acquire some of the many treasures that Warzone Season 2 has to offer...


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