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The captains were just announced at Summer Game Fest

The Warzone World Series – Captains, Dates And Details

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The biggest Warzone tournament is starting soon. The Warzone World Series is officially hosted by Call of Duty and has an impressive $1,200,000 prize pool, split across four events. The North American Trios event is first, and $300,000 is up for grabs. Captains for the NA Trios event were announced moments ago at the Summer Game Fest. 

If you like to follow the Warzone pro–scene then you've probably been waiting for this event. If not then let us introduce you to the most exciting and high–stakes Warzone competition of the calendar: the Warzone World Series. The biggest streamers in the world are going to be battling it out for a stake of the $300,000 prize pool in the upcoming North American trios event. Here are all the details on where to watch, who you'll be watching, and when to tune in. 

Who Are The Captains For The Warzone World Series NA Trios Event? 

Swagg, Nadeshot, TimTheTatman, Ayden, and TheDanDangler have been selected as captains for the Warzone World Series North American Trios Event. These are all huge names so it's no wonder they were chosen as captains. This event will be truly massive. 

What Are The Warzone World Series NA Trios Tournament Rules? 

5 captains will draft 10 trios teams each, so each captain is responsible for 30 players, then the teams will play six matches of BR in Verdansk and try to make the most kills, with multipliers for their placement. The placement works like this: 

  • 1st Place: 2x Multiplier Per Kill
  • 2nd–15th Place: 1.5x Multiplier Per Kill
  • 16th–50th Place: 1x Multiplier Per Kill

The Trios team who wins will split $200,000 and the remaining $100,000 will be divided by the new Captain's Cup. The Captain's Cup will aggregate the score of the five captains and give the winning captain $20,000, with $1000 given to each member of their 30–person team. 

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How to Watch the Warzone World Series Tournament?

Every event will be available to watch on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. But, lots of streamers will also be doing live commentary for this massive event - so choose your favorite. 

When Is The Warzone World Series NA Trios Event?

The Warzone World Series begins with the NA trios event on June 23. There will be team announcements the day before on June 22. Unfortunately, no exact time has been provided yet, but we will keep this page updated. The other three events of the Warzone World Series do not have an official date yet. 

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