Found all crates but still didn't get the blueprint?

Warzone – Where Is the Pumpkin Punisher Blueprint?

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Ghost Pumpkin Punisher

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Many CoD players are frustrated: Even after finding all the Trick or Treat boxes and surviving countless jump scares, they didn't get the coveted Pumpkin Punisher blueprint.

The Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event in Call of Duty is in full swing and brings some spooky new features. The three new bundles, which are based on famous horror franchises, are currently very popular and provide some additional scary moments. Here you can check out what the Dr. Karlov, Saw, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre bundles contain:

This Halloween in Warzone you have the Trick or Treat event. For the next two weeks, you can find special loot boxes at 16 locations on the map, which will reward you with sprays, calling cards, and weapon charms or shock you with a jump scare. For more on how exactly the event works and where to find all the boxes, we've got a special guide you can read here:

The Legendary Pumpkin Punisher Blueprint is Missing

Actually, every player who has found all 16 crates in Verdansk should receive the Pumpkin Punisher Halloween blueprint as the ultimate reward. But like many players reported, this is not the case:

As of right now, you don't seem to get the blueprint when you finish the Trick or Treat event. This is especially annoying considering that you have been exposed to a lot of jump scares and probably nearly had a heart attack a few times. So far there is no official statement from the developers about the bug, but we hope that it will be fixed soon. The Pumpkin Punisher looks really cool after all and is even a blueprint for one of our favorite weapons – the Grau 5.56.

Have you found all the crates yet? How do you like the Halloween event so far? Tell us on Facebook.

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