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A glitch breaks Warzone...again!

New Warzone Wall Hacks Glitch Shows Target Through Walls

Call of Duty
warzone season 2
Warzone has been having problems with bugs and glitches for a while... here's a new one! (Credit: Activision)

Warzone has been in trouble for a while, and with this new Wall Hack glitch making its bizarre entry into the game, players are unhappy. The newest Warzone bug allowed one player to see a red outline of an opponent, clearly visible through walls. Activision, this is getting nuts...

It almost seems like a daily task of ours, to report on glitch after glitch, cheater after cheater, and bizarre development choice after bizarre development choice in Warzone. Call of Duty players are frustrated, and rightly so, because Black Ops Cold War is also not...ideal. Still, what the hell is this latest bug?

warzone fight
It's bizarre how many problems there can be in one bloody game! (Credit: Activision)

It is quite shocking really, with one player suddenly finding himself able to see opponents through walls, outlined by red. Sure, he was pretty happy to get the quick kill – but, what the hell? If it wasn't for the fact that he had no idea this was going to happen, we would have thought him a common hacker.

The reality is, in his Reddit post, user ‘chinitotuchman’ showed the clip, where as soon as he loads into the game it flashes ‘Gulag Victory’, and he was redeployed... Now that he reloaded, he could see his enemy clearly outlined by red, even though they were on the opposite side of a building. Check it out:

Gulag Glitch gave me wallhacks on 1 guy from CODWarzone

Now... watch it again. Do you notice how the other player also seems to know exactly where chinitotuchman is? It certainly seems the case, because the guy starts firing at him straight away as well. Well, if anyone ever wanted a 1v1 version of Warzone...Guess we have it now?

Hopefully this is just a once off oddity. It doesn't seem to be widespread, in fact we haven't seen reports of it happening to anyone else at all! That's relieving, we guess this was just a funny little brush with fame for chinitotuchman... and whoever the other dude is.

It's not the first Warzone-related bug that we've seen though, with players loading into the Gulag with full loadouts a few months ago... FUN! Come on Activision, come on Raven Software, this game is such a mess at this stage. Hopefully Warzone regains steam soon, or we might be migrating to something else...


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