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Verdansk 1984 is confirmed!

Warzone Season 3: Verdansk 1984 Confirmed & Gameplay Footage Leaked

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warzone season 3 nuke event verdansk 1984 trailer
Activision has finally confirmed 1984 in this wild new trailer for Warzone Season 3! This is one hell of a Nuke Event... (Credit: Activision)

Activision have officially confirmed in an insane new trailer posted to their Twitter and YouTube channels that the new Warzone Map will be Verdansk 1984. The confirmation follows months of speculation, but we have all the Warzone Nuke Event and Verdansk 1984 details for you right here, right now. Let's get on with it!

The Warzone Nuke Event has seen players turning into Zombies, before a massive Nuke destroyed Verdansk. Scary, right? Well, you haven't seen scary: Activision confirmed Verdansk 1984 as the new Warzone map, in the most bizarre ad we've seen in a long time. Check it out below:

Well, that was pretty wild! Warzone Season 3 is shaping up to be pretty awesome, though many are a little disappointed about Verdansk 1984. It does seem like a simple reskin of already-used content, but it will be super nice to see if it has much new to offer – and that Nuke Event was still pretty awesome, we have to admit! Oh, and that trailer was... bizarre, in the least.

We have been following the Nuke Event extensively throughout the day, as new developments occur in Warzone. We have a live tracker, to show you exactly what is happening in the Warzone Nuke Event, as well as Patch Notes for both Warzone and BOCW Season 3.

What is Verdansk 1984?

Verdansk 1984 is the new Warzone map, which will come after the Nuke Event which has now destroyed Verdansk. It will be set in the 1980s, featuring all kinds of '80s spins on Warzone's original map. We don't yet know the exact details of Verdansk 1984, but we expect that it will include a ton of cool new content, as well as new weapons and points of interest. We will keep this article updated as news comes in. In the meantime, check out that awesome trailer!

Verdansk 1984 New Gameplay Footage Leaked

New gameplay footage has leaked for Verdansk 1984 via YouTube and other social media platforms, showing the new Warzone map in all of its glory!

The new Warzone map, Verdansk 1984, features a bunch of cool new stuff, including a still-under-construction version of Verdansk's Stadium, amongst other super nice points of interest. 


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