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The Stim Glitch is fixed again... for now!

Warzone Update 1.31 Patch Notes: Fixing the Stim Glitch

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It seems like years since Warzone was leaked with this fabulous concept art... (Credit: Activision)

Warzone has come back swinging with Patch 1.31, which addresses the stim glitch that has been plaguing the game for weeks. Only a day after Black Ops Cold War Season 1: Reloaded dropped, Warzone has found itself again with a robust patch that addresses many of the ongoing problems that have been drowning the game.

As we just mentioned, Warzone has been drowning under the weight of some lofty expectation over the last few months. With its integration with Black Ops Cold War back in mid-December, problems began popping up almost immediately. Bugs, glitches, and most importantly, unbalanced weapons, that made the game difficult to play for weeks.

Perhaps with Patch 1.31, we will reinvigorate our love affair with Warzone...

We are going to start with the operative point: the patch notes themselves. Here they are in all of their glory. We'll follow up with a bit of a discussion about what this all means for Warzone.

Patch 1.31 Patch Notes


  • New fix to remove infinite stim glitch: Issue stemmed from player getting stuck in throwback state after throwing back a live grenade
  • Adjusted match bonus and kill XP reward of Kingslayer mode to be more in line with Verdansk BR: This is part of our continued effort to normalize XP rewards across our various game modes
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Here's some evil laughter, for your amusement... (Credit: GIPHY)


  • Adjusted the timing of ammo replenishment during empty reloads for BOCW weapons


  • Certain operator missions for Stitch should now track as intended


  • Fixed visual for the “Heavy Handed” Sledgehammer in the Player Armory


  • Fixed issue where at high prestige levels, progress towards next level shown in Barracks Seasonal Progression did not match what was shown on the top banner of the main menu


  • Removed Tier Skips from Modern Warfare Bundles
  • Previewing Bruiser Cord watch in the Hot Shot Bundle will now display correct watch
  • Fixed various minor issues including images, icons, and names


  • Fixed a crash that occurs when launching the game due to changes being made to Windows GDI32

So, What Are the Key Takeaways?

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We sure do love explosions... (Credit: Activision)

Well, there you have it, the patch notes. There are some solid changes here, but the main thing to focus your attention on is the fix to the Stim Glitch. This glitch has been a hot topic in the community for weeks, if not months, now. We have written multiple articles, as it seems that whenever it gets fixed, it pops right back up again...


This brings attention to the operative question: will this actually fix the problem? Well, we hope that Patch 1.31 delivers and we won't be seeing the stim glitch rearing its ugly head again any time soon. It's important to note that fixing problems like this can be difficult, and non-permanent. That being said, it is definitely time for the stim glitch to finally say "bye-bye".

Also included in Patch 1.31 is a number of changes and fixes that are much needed, and much desired. Most notable are the anti-cheating updates that we really need in Warzone, which were addressed earlier this week but not directly in the patch notes for this latest release.

Keep in mind that Rumble isn't returning here, but Armored Royale is. The fixes and changes present in Patch 1.31 put Warzone back on an even footing, and hopefully, with future patches we will start to see the game revitalized and a whole lot less frustrating!


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