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JGOD reveals new trick to throw C4 further in Warzone

New Warzone Exploit - How To Throw C4 Twice As Far

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Warzone C4 Throwing Trick
These are the kind of Warzone tricks you wouldn't want Price to catch you using. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

Youtuber and Call of Duty legend JGOD revealed an exploit last week that is still working in Warzone: Season 3 at the time of writing (May 24, 2021). With this trick, players can throw C4 twice the range that's normally possible. This could bring C4 back into the meta, so let's get on with it and learn the throw further trick

Many veteran players will look back on the early days of Warzone fondly, but they'll likely also remember some of the infuriating things that needed nerfing right out the gate. C4 was undoubtedly in this category at launch and was able to be tossed to great distances, destroying every vehicle within the large blast radius. Then season 6 brought the nerf hammer: C4's detonation was given a slight delay, and the 'initial throw velocity' was reduced by 30%. C4 went back in the toybox and players switched to thermite - until last week's exploit was discovered. 

How Do You Throw C4 Further In Warzone?

If you use Tactical Sprint then throw the C4 and jump, it will be launched much further away than it normally can. Many players forget Tactical Sprint, which is a feature worth using in itself. To Tactical Sprint you just need to double-click the sprint button, whatever that is with your controller layout, and your operator will begin moving at their maximum sprint speed. Now just moving at any speed will increase the throw distance of C4 but to truly maximize it follow these steps exactly: 

  1. Begin Tactical Sprinting 
  2. Throw the C4
  3. Jump immediately after you press the button to throw 

Well, it might take some getting used to but it's an effective trick to launch one of the most powerful explosives in your arsenal. Good hunting! 

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