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100 Thieves Tommey accuses Pacesetter of cheating

Warzone Streamer Pacesetter: Did He Cheat in the Tournament?

Call of Duty
Warzone Cheater Parcesetter
Cheaters threaten the integrity of Warzone tournaments – is Pacesetter one of them? (Credit: Activision)

During a Warzone tournament, 100Thieves player Tommey accused gamer Pacesetter of cheating, and examined his gameplay live in the stream. Did he, or didn't he?

We're all familiar with the hacking problem in Warzone – whether it's exploiting exploits and glitches, or using actual cheats, such as wallhacks. However, cheaters are now a problem not only in casual lobbies, but also in tournaments with prize money.

The latest case revolves around Warzone streamer Pacesetter, who regularly participates in Warzone tournaments and has even set a Warzone kill record. His past achievements are now being challenged by Tommey. Tommey is signed to 100 Thieves and is one of the highest earning Warzone players, with over $80,000. So it's no wonder that he's concerned about the integrity of Warzone tournaments.

What happened?

After Tommey was eliminated from the tournament, he decided to watch the remaining games and, among others, observed Pacesetter, who was suspected of cheating earlier. After a short time, Tommey noticed some inconsistencies in Pacesetter's gameplay, such as the fact that he always knew exactly where opponents were.

Shortly after, Tommey calls for a monitor camera in the chat with a request to keep his fingers off the keyboard. It can be seen how Pacesetter obviously reads the message and starts typing like crazy – a bit suspicious, isn't it? His behavior caused the tournament admins to call for a cheat investigation. They demanded access to Pacesetter's PC logs to find out if he had terminated a hacking program. Guess what the streamer's response was...?

That's right, he got up and disappeared for over an hour.

Fearing that he was using the time to delete the logs, the admins disqualified Pacesetter in the semifinals.

It's still not 100% clear whether Pacesetter really cheated in this tournament, but both Tommey's investigation and Pacesetter's behavior certainly suggest that he did. In addition to the aforementioned evidence, the streamer uses the streaming software XSplit, which is known for hiding hacks on Twitch. He also admitted to cheating on an alternative account, but denies ever doing it on his main account.

So... we are certainly celebrating Tommey as a human anti-cheat shield! He took one for the team, and a bunch of s**t for it. Exposing this is good for the industry, and could see further preventive systems in future tournaments. Who, apart from the cheaters, doesn't want that?

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