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Will the Stim Glitch ever go away?

Warzone Stim Glitch is Back in Season Two: Reloaded

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The stim glitch is back, and nobody is excited! (Credit: Activision)

The Stim Glitch has resurfaced in Warzone after Season 2: Reloaded dropped last week, and it has players in a little bit of a tiff. The glitch continues to plague the game, allowing players near invincibility out in the smoke. Sounds unfair? It is, and here is everything you need to know about this round of the Warzone Stim Glitch...

Another season, another update, another Stim Glitch. Will it ever go away for good? Well, many players are now living under the philosophy that "Warzone will never exist without the Stim Glitch". It is almost a coexistence now, with Raven Software seemingly unable to fix the problem for good... Why, though?

Now that the familiar problem has resurfaced, it seems that we will have to explain what the bloody thing is all over again. Hang on, we'll just rehearse our speech a little bit... oh, okay, it's all good, we've said this almost a hundred times at this point:

What Is the Stim Glitch in Warzone?

The Stim Glitch is a healing item exploit that can be activated in several different ways. It allows you to venture off into the smoke without being dealt any harm. Basically, players can go off into the smoke, sit out until most of the other players are dead, and then head in for an easy victory. Fun.

Generally, each time that the Stim Glitch has resurfaced, it has been via a different method. We won't explain them to you. The less people are exploiting this, the better. No matter the method being used, this is getting increasingly annoying. Especially since there are more reports of things like invisibility glitches, and more and more balance issues.

Seriously? Haven't we walked down this road like a million times at this point? Yep. We have. Want to see our articles? Here are just a few:

Well, that was a not-so-fun article to write about... Raven Software, please fix this. For good this time. Cheers.


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