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Well, the first major bug of Warzone Season 3 and Verdansk '84 is here!

Warzone Stadium Under Map Glitch Breaks Verdansk '84

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warzone verdansk '84 under stadium map glitch
Well, you've to be prepared for the Under Map Stadium Glitch... or you'll die. Balance? Nah... (Credit: Activision)

Warzone Season 3 might have been a disappointment, and Verdansk '84 an even bigger disappointment, but the new Stadium Under Map Glitch brings annoyance to that same disappointment. We take a look at the Stadium Under Map Glitch, what's going on, and why it's such a game-breaking Warzone bug.

With a months-long lead up to the Nuke Event, it is understandable that everyone is kind of disappointed in Verdansk '84. Well, do you want to get even madder? Too late if you don't: there is a new game-breaking Stadium Under Map Glitch in Warzone, and it's going to make you angry.

Before we dive in, we covered Season 3 and the Nuke Event in tons of detail, check out our coverage to catch yourself up:

Due to the insane laziness of the Verdansk '84 reskin (yes, let's call it a reskin, that's all it is: it is not a new map), the Stadium no longer has a roof, and it looks like a 1980s sports arena. Now, along with the boringness of this reskin, the Warzone Stadium Under Map Glitch has completely broken the game...

What is the Warzone Stadium Under Map Glitch?

The Warzone Stadium Under Map Glitch allows players to get under the Stadium's field, where they are able to shoot at the enemies above. A clip, shared by u/TITANxRaven on Reddit, shows an entire team exploiting the glitch. It seems that the Warzone Stadium Under Map Glitch gives exploiters invulnerability, and thus an easy win. Check out the clip:

Underground Verdansk Exploit! (PLEASE FIX THIS!) from CODWarzone

Well, yeah, that clip is pretty shocking isn't it? I don't know about you, but my faith is continuing to be lost with Warzone, as more problems appear, and more disappointments continue to occur. Fun. Really fun. I love this game. So much.

Look, the Warzone Stadium Under Map Glitch is a pretty serious exploit, because it basically guarantees the exploiting team a win. The problem is that Raven Software have not even acknowledged it yet, so it will probably be around for a little while longer. Can we even be bothered to play this game anymore? Seriously? Battlefield 6 *cough, sorry* "Battlefield: We're Not Going To Bother Naming It" couldn't come out sooner...


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