How To Solve Warzone Season 6 Crashes on Xbox

How To Solve Warzone Season 6 Crashes on Xbox

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La temporada 6 de Warzone ha provocado que muchas Xbox se bloqueen. Te contamos cómo resolver el problema.
Warzone Season 6 crasht Xbox
New updates, new crashes...who would have thought. | © Activision

Warzone Season 6 has arrived. It represents the last phase of Warzone during the BOCW cycle before CoD: Vanguard's tenure. And with the integration of Vanguard, we can also expect a new Warzone map, set on a Pacific Island.

As exciting as the future is, though, there seem to be some minor hiccups blocking the path, especially for Xbox players. The Warzone Season 6 Update has forced some Xbox users to re-download the entire game, while others have had their system simply crash. Let's take a closer look at the problem for you guys.

Warzone Season 6 Crashes Xbox

The Warzone Season 6 Update seems to crash the Xbox for some players. Crashes on the Xbox are unfortunately nothing new and have always been a problem. This time, however, Xbox players don't even get an error message, the game simply crashes and sends players back to the Xbox dashboard.

Here are some solutions that can prevent your Xbox from crashing:

Restart the Xbox:

  • Turn off the Xbox and unplug it.
  • Wait a few seconds.
  • Plug the console back in.
  • Restart the Xbox.
  • Start Warzone.

Re-verify the Installation:

  • Check that all updates are installed, both Warzone and system updates.
  • Delete a data package (e.g. a texture pack) and reinstall it.
  • Restart Warzone.

Reset your MAC address:

  • Press the Xbox button on the controller. Go to 'Settings' and 'Network Settings'.
  • Select 'Advanced Settings'.
  • Go to 'Alternate MAC Address'. Select 'Delete'.
  • Restart the Xbox and launch Warzone.

The Warzone Season 6 Update Forced A Reinstall

In addition to crashing, some Xbox players have also reported that they were forced to download the entire game again for Season 6. Apparently, this is a known download bug for the Xbox Series. The bug only seems to occur with individual players and unfortunately, we have not yet found a solution for it.

Should we find a fix, or Raven Software deploy a patch, we will update this article.

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