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What a tease, and only a week till release?

Warzone Season 4 Revealed At Summer Game Fest

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Season 4 World Premier
Summer Game Fest will host some of the biggest names in gaming | © Activision

Warzone Season 4 is launching next week on June 16. It was revealed for the first time at Summer Game Fest just moments ago. It looks like we are in for another great season under Raven Software. All details below. 

Warzone Season 3 has been fantastic. We are probably at the healthiest point the game has ever been in regards to the meta. The mid–Season event was one of the most fun and high–effort events we've ever had, and both the Swiss and the PPSh were great new additions to the weapon pool. But what now? Well, Season 4 is only one week away, and we've just caught a glimpse of what it'll bring at the Summer Game Fest. 

What Was Revealed About Warzone Season 4 At Summer game Fest

At Summer Game Fest Activision Blizzard revealed a trailer for BOCW and Warzone Season 4. It contained footage of a crashed satellite in Verdansk, new multiplayer maps in the desert, in the suburbs, and even on a boat, and it showed a new operator with a red ballistic mask on like Roze. Here is the full trailer: 

As you can see, the crashed satellite landed between Downtown and Hospital in the dried-out canal. This would only be a very minor change to the map, but hopefully, there's more to the satellite than just rubble and debris. 

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