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Some of the new season weapons were leaked, but not this beauty

Warzone Season 4: New MG 82 Light Machine Gun

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Warzone MG 82
Both new weapons are inspired by real guns to come out of Spain's CETME institute | © Activision Blizzard

Besides the already leaked weapons coming in Warzone Season 4, the new roadmap revealed two additional weapons coming at launch –  the MG 82 light machine gun and the C58 assault rifle. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from the MG 82, a weapon that might see its way into the meta. 

Raven and Treyarch are pulling out all the stops with Warzone Season 4. We've already learned about loads of exciting new additions, my personal highlights being the new Gulag map, and – hopefully – the return of minigun helicopters. But, just hours ago, we also had two new weapons revealed in the roadmap for Warzone Season 4 - the MG 82 and the C58

Now, these are both exciting and potentially offer just what both weapon classes need for each respective role, but we'll be dealing with the MG 82 in this article; everything you should expect from the weapon and how it might influence the game. 


The MG 82 In Warzone Season 4

What Is The MG 82 Light Machine Gun in Warzone Season 4

The MG 82 is based on the CETME Ameli, a Spanish Cold War machine gun. Activision use real-world equivalents as the basis of their designs for each weapon, so this points us in the direction of how the MG 82 might play. The CETME Ameli has a very fast rate of fire, it's chambered in a lower caliber than most LMGs at .556, and weighs only 12lb, which is fairly light as far as weapons in its category go. 

Will The MG 82 Be Any Good In Warzone Season 4

Not likely - it's got the kind of characteristics you would want from an LMG, but it's just that - an LMG. Generally, weapons in this class are just too sluggish for most players. We will see though, with good handling and a strong TTK, the MG 82 might take you by surprise. 

How Do You Unlock The MG 82 In Warzone Season 4

The MG 82 will be one of the free rewards on the Battlepass, available to all players, once they reach either level 15.  

When Is The MG 82 Coming To Warzone

The new MG 82 assault rifle is coming at the launch of Warzone Season 4 - so Thursday, June 17, 00:00 ET (05:00 BST, 06:00 CEST). If you want the MG 82 immediately, then you will need to buy the Battlepass with 20 tier skips for 2400 CP as soon as it's available. That costs about $20 USD. 

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