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Maybe the action heroes event isn't over...

Warzone Season 4 Is Getting Wild: Nail Guns & Motorbikes Revealed

Call of Duty
Motorcycles in Warzone Season 4
They'll probably be death traps, but they'll definitely be fun | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone Season 4 begins this Thursday, June 17. The reveal trailer was shown during the Summer Games Fest last week on June 10. There's a lot to digest, but two things stick out - motorbikes and nail guns. We've got all the details right here. 

As Warzone Season 3 draws to a close, we've barely got time to reminisce before all eyes turn to Season 4. The reveal trailer for the new season was shown during the Activision Blizzard showcase at Summer Games Fest, and there's truly a lot to be excited for. We can now confirm that the new season begins on June 17, we even know who the new operators are, and some of the changes coming to the Verdansk map. Now, here at EarlyGame, we'll cover the lot, but there are two things in the trailer that are just so 'out–there', we wanted to make sure our readers didn't miss them. 


The Warzone Season 4 Reveal Trailer 

Before we go any further, because honestly, you might not believe us, here is the reveal trailer for Warzone season 4: 

In case you missed them, the Motorcycles were shown racing towards the Satellite crash site between Hospital and Downtown at 00:42, pictured above, and the nail gun was shown at 00:27, pictured below. 

Nail Guns Warzone
This is the kind of late in the life–cycle nonsense that makes us think...maybe we are ready for WW2 Vanguard | © Activision Blizzard

Are Motorcycles And Nail Guns Actually Coming To Warzone In Season 4

Both nail guns and motorcycles have been in various Call of Duty titles, and they are seen directly in the trailer - so we think they really are coming in Warzone season 4. We know, we know, it seems like nonsense. But motorcycles are already in BOCW's Outbreak mode, and nail guns were in BO3.

Who knows, maybe power tools are the new meta? But the motorcycles are almost certainly going to be sub-optimal. Great fun, but a sure-fire way to get sniped. We'll know for sure this Thursday, June 17. 

Like to keep up with all things Warzone? There's a lot of news leaking right now, in case you missed any of it:

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