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We all knew this would happen, and it has

Warzone Season 4: The Invisibility Glitch Is Back

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Warzone Invisibility Glitch
Run, run for your lives! The invisibility glitch is back | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone Season 4 has been live for a few short hours now, and the invisibility glitch is back. This is almost certainly because of vehicle updates. We won't say how the exploit is achieved, but it's always vehicles related. Full details below. 

Season 4 of Warzone has started with a bang -  a great new event, extensive balance changes, and loads of brand new toys, from dirtbikes to nail guns. It's exciting, and we've had a great time with all the new goodies so far, but only a few hours into the new season, and we're sorry to confirm an old glitch is back. 

The invisibility glitch will be all too familiar with older fans of Warzone. It's ruined the game a number of times, but the devs should be quick to pick up on this news and deploy a hot patch. How predictable, though? We all knew it was coming back, and it only took a few hours. 


Is The Invisibility Glitch Back In Warzone Season 4

The invisibility glitch was sadly confirmed moments ago on Iron's stream of Warzone Season 4. In a cruel twist of fate, it was Iron who spoke out louder than most about the possible return of the invisibility glitch thanks to all the vehicle changes. Needless to say, this is an infuriating glitch, and we can't offer any advice on countering the invisible man. 

Like keeping up to speed with all things Season 4? So do we, here's a few of the new additions in case you missed anything: 

When Will The Invisibility Glitch Be Fixed?

Activision Blizzard will almost certainly deploy a hot patch in the next few hours to resolve the invisibility glitch in Warzone Season 4. They know this is an issue, and they know it looks bad. The problem is, as with the previous fixes to this glitch, it also means that some new vehicle features in Season 4 will probably be removed. We don't want to say exactly which vehicles are getting patched, just in case some of you nasties want to make use of this glitch. 

This was an unfortunate low point in the new season's launch, but it'll be resolved soon, so get out there and keep enjoying all the other new content. 

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