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New map, new weapons, & more vehicles...

Warzone Season 3: What To Expect – All Leaks & Rumors

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Warzone Season 3 Leaks
What does Warzone Season 3 actually bring? (Credit: Activision)

Warzone Season 3 is coming out soon, and there are already numerous leaks and rumors. New weapons, a new map, new vehicles, the Nuke Event... Here you can find all the info about Warzone Season 3.

Warzone Season 2: Reloaded is in full swing right now, and just last week, we got a new weapon with the ZRG 20mm. But what about the Nuke Event we've been talking about for months? Where is the new Ural Mountains map – or will it be a completely different one? Oh, and when does Warzone Season 3 start anyway?

When Does Warzone Season 3 Start?

Season 3 is expected to start on or around April 22. The current Battle Pass ends at 8AM on April 22, so it's very likely that the new Warzone Season will start at that time. However, there can always be postponements. 

How Big is the Warzone Season 3 Update?

The Season 3 update will be 12.344 GB on PlayStation, according to CoD leaker Zesty. There is no data for the other platforms yet, but a similar size can be expected for Xbox. PC Players will probably have to prepare for a slightly larger update, once again.

Warzone Season 3: New Content

Let's get to the more interesting stuff: the weapons, maps, vehicles, and much more... But don't forget! These are mostly unconfirmed leaks. Thus, even if leaks have turned out to be true in the past, it's always possible that leaked content will be changed, is inaccurate, or simply not come at all.

When is the Nuke Event Coming?

The Nuke Event will most likely take place on April 21, at approximately 12PM. Since everything we consume is American, that is West Coast time, or PST. We assume. Activision is in California, so that makes sense to us. Why? Well... here you go.

You want to understand the context of all of this a little more? Well, you should read our articles. They are great. Here they are: 

Will Warzone Season 3 Bring A New Map?

Everything points to the fact that we will get a new Warzone map with the new season. Currently, we are expecting either the Ural Mountains Map, which has been the subject of leaks and rumors for quite some time, or the 80s version of Verdansk. The latter recently appeared in some leaks. Either way, we are pretty sure that a new Warzone map is heading our way!

Warzone Season 3 Nuke Event
Verdansk could soon blow up at the Nuke Event. (Credit: Activision)

What New Weapons Are Coming in Warzone Season 3?

As in every season, there will be two new weapons that can be unlocked via the Battle Pass. More weapons will become available through challenges and bundles as the season progresses. Exactly which weapons we'll get in Season 3 isn't clear yet, but our buddy Zesty already has a few ideas:

After the Season 2: Reloaded update, the leaker found hints of three new weapons:

  • 'ar_t9fastburst': An assault/tactical rifle with burst mode, similar to the M16 or AUG.
  • 'sm_t9spray': A submachine gun, possibly the CX9?
  • 'me_t9ballisticknife': A ballistic knife.

Additionally, there are rumors of a new LMG. Since both the LMGs and the tactical rifles in Black Ops Cold War haven't received any additions since their release, it would be quite conceivable to get them in the Battle Pass.

Warzone Season 3 vehicles
Season 3 could bring, among other things, the fancy Buggy from Black Ops Cold War. (Credit: Activision)

What New Vehicles Are Coming in Warzone Season 3?

  • Big Bird
  • Police Car
  • Box Truck
  • Medical Transport
  • Pickup Truck
  • Van
  • Personnel Transport

According to leaks, these eight vehicles will be coming to Warzone in Season 3. None of these have been confirmed yet, but of course we already have a detailed article about the new vehicles.

What Else Is In Warzone Season 3?

  • A new Battle Pass with 100 levels.
  • New Operator and Operator Skins.
  • Numerous new Blueprints and Bundles.
  • New Calling Cards, Emblems, Sprays, and Weapon Tags.

These were all the leaks and rumors about Warzone Season 3, for now. We will update this article regularly, and collect all the new leaks here.

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