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All OP Weapons to be Customized...

Warzone Season 3 Brings Nerfs for Sykov, Roze, & More!

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Warzone Roze Rook Skin Nerf
Raven Software finally announced customizations for Roze's Rook Skin. (Credit: Activision)

Raven Software have announced changes to the AUG, M16, FFAR 1 and Sykov in Warzone Season 3. The Rook Skin for Roze will also be adjusted, and the No Glint Sniper Bug will be fixed. We'll take a look at some of the announced nerfs, and how they will affect the new Warzone Season.

Yes, Warzone is not in the best state at the moment. Bugs and glitches are around every corner, completely overdone weapons, a skin that has dominated Warzone for months, and cheating so rampant that it is a running gag in the community, are just a few mentionable problems. Seriously, you want the proof? Here are just a couple of articles about all of this:

What Issues Will Be Addressed in Warzone Season 3?

  • Adjustments for the Rook Skin for Roze.
  • Balance pass for AUG, M16, FFAR 1, and Sykov.
  • Fix for the No Glint Sniper Bug, and some Modern Warfare attachments.
  • The RC-XD should be available differently.

These are just a few changes that Raven Software have announced via Twitter, there may be more to come!

With this Tweet, the Warzone developer responded to some suggestions made by well-known streamer Jack "CouRage" Dunlop, who suggested some changes on Twitter.

What Are the Roze Skin & Weapon Nerfs in Warzone Season 3?

There are no details available on what specific changes will be made to the Roze Skin or weapons, including the Sykov. Despite this, we expect significant nerfs specifically for the recently introduced Sykov pistol, which is already extremely broken. Yep. Broken. GGRecon agrees with us on that one. After only a few days. Some possible changes could include smaller magazines, no fully automatic mode, or less range. Just something, anything, please Raven Software! This is nuts!

Also remember that the AUG, FFAR 1, and M16 meta will probably get some nerfs as well. Here we can expect range and damage nerfs, and possibly a recoil increase.

Warzone Sykov Pistol
The Skyov is absolutely broken, and currently dominates both Warzone and Modern Warfare. (Credit: Activision)

We are especially excited to see the tweaks to Roze's Rook Skin. The skin is incredibly popular because it's completely black, and you're pretty much invisible in dark corners or shady areas. The problem is that the Rook Skin probably can't be removed easily, as it was available as part of a bundle, and thus players paid money for it. So, in all likelihood, Raven Software will have to find a way to make the Rook skin more visible, and thus nerf it. Maybe they'll change the color of the skin, or put some reflectors on it... The main thing is to make it so that you can finally see Roze again! 

There's not much to speculate about with the attachments and the No Glint Sniper Bug. Ideally, after the patch, everything should just work as was originally intended and advertised. 

When are the Warzone Season 3 Sykov & Roze Changes Coming?

There is no official confirmation yet, but we expect Warzone Season 3 to launch at the end of this week, probably on April 22. On April 21, the long-awaited Nuke Event will finally begin, ending Season 2. Warzone Season 3 should start shortly after that, bringing us lots of new content, as well as the announced nerfs and adjustments.


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This article was originally written by the fabulous Lukas Ballat, and translated from German.