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The new Standoff Gulag sucks...

Warzone Standoff Gulag: We Want The Original Gulag Back!

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warzone season 3 standoff gulag
The old Farmhouse building has been replaced by Standoff, which is also the new Warzone Gulag. (Credit: Activision)

With Warzone Season 3's outlandishly disappointing Verdansk '84 came a new Gulag that's got everybody complaining. We take a look at the new Standoff Gulag, and exactly why we want the original Gulag back as soon as possible. Oh, and why players tend to agree that Verdansk '84 and Standoff Gulag are so bad...

For context, the Gulag is the 1v1 mode that gives players the opportunity to respawn after being killed. The new Gulag might be an upgrade from the honestly awful Nuketown Gulag that jumped into effect in Season 1 (in December), but that doesn't say much. Let's just say... the new Warzone Season 3 Gulag sucks more than Tomato Soup!

Everything you need to know about Warzone Season 3, the Nuke Event, and Verdansk '84, is right here...

Why is the Warzone Season 3 Standoff Gulag So Bad?

The new Standoff Gulag allows players to camp behind cover and get easy wins. It has great cover, so players can pre-aim and take out opponents with ease. There are no twitch-fast-thinking skills required here, just a nice location, a steady hand, and a little touch of laziness. That's why it's awful. There's not really much else to it.

Well, actually that's not true. The layout sucks too. It's asymmetrical, which is super unfair for a mode like this. Oh, and it has a second level, so if a player gets up there first, then the other player is kind of screwed in the new Warzone Standoff Gulag. Standoff is a classic map, yes. It is a good map, yes. Is it a good Gulag? No.

Why Do Players Want the Original Gulag Back?

  • The latest Gulag's have been poorly balanced and unfair.
  • The original Gulag was symmetrical, which made it much fairer.
  • The new Gulags are not in-universe, unlike the original.
  • Standoff Gulag is basically just a 1v1 CoD multiplayer map.
  • The new Standoff Gulag is perfect for campers.
  • The new Gulag is far too dark, making it insanely hard for players to see each other.
  • The original Gulag is beloved and nostalgic.

Players are calling for a return to the original Gulag due to ongoing frustrations with the latest Gulag's being poorly balanced and unfair. Well, they would be right, and they would be justified. There are so many reasons to go back to the original Gulag, and so many reasons to abandon both Season One's Gulag, and Standoff Gulag.

Standoff might have been an awesome map in Black Ops 2, and in Warzone's Verdansk '84, it is a standout feature. As a Gulag, though? It is unfair, it is out of place, it is tedious, and it is kind of... lazy? Yes, we think "lazy" paints it best: that's why players want the original Gulag back, and that's why we want the original Gulag back, too!


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