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Warzone Season 3 is going to be a cracker!

Warzone Season 3: Ural Mountains Map, Release Date, & More

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warzone season 3 release date
Warzone Season 3 is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic! (Credit: Activision / Microsoft)

Season 3 of Warzone is fast approaching, with rumors stirring every day around what will be included, and when the release date will be. Warzone's latest season has been a great time, with zombies roaming the map, and a major live that could soon be a part of the Battle Royale. What will we get? A Nuke Event, and Ural Mountains?

Warzone season 2 has been a rip-roaring success, with the ongoing story unfolding in interesting ways, and zombies gracing Verdansk's salty shores. We love the new weapons, and all the new content that was added, but were left a little underwhelmed. After all, not very much really happened! Warzone season 3 is coming though, and it's going to a doozy...

Warzone Season 3: Release Date

Warzone Season 3 will most likely launch on April 22, 2021. This is due to the usual system of new seasons beginning where others end. Thus, with Season 2 ending on April 21, it only makes sense that Season 3 will launch the following day. Yes, none of this is confirmed – but it is super likely!

Warzone Season 3: Nuke Event & The End of Verdansk

We know, we know, we know, it seems like we have been talking about the rumored Nuke Event for months now. That's because we literally have! It's okay, though, the hype is real, and the hype is good. The ongoing Zombie Outbreak that is spreading across Verdansk will likely be the reason for whatever Nuclear Apocalypse awaits us... So, so, so much has happened:

Could the zombies set off the Nuke Event, or could the Nuke be detonated to destroy the zombies? Could we all be full of s**t, and there is never going to be a Nuke Event? Well, we'll have to wait until Season 3 to find out!

warzone season 3 nuke event
Could we finally see the Nuke Event in Warzone Season 3? (Credit: Activision)

Warzone Season 3: Ural Mountains & New Map

The biggest, and probably the most exciting rumor, is that a new map will come to Warzone set in the Ural Mountains. Much like the Nuke Event, this rumor has been circling for months now. We originally reported on it way back in December! The thing is that, with all these new bunkers opening, and the Zombies on Verdansk, a Nuke Event would have to be pretty thorough... and maybe a new map will be needed.

This new map will likely be set in the Ural Mountains, a region in Western Russia. The good ol' Russians, you say? Well, perhaps it could be taking on a little bit of a Black Ops Cold War theme, couldn't it? Maybe an 80's themed map, made up of some of the more loved multiplayer maps from BOCW, like Alpine and Ruka... Oh, and it will probably have a player cap of 250! We can't wait.

Warzone Season 3: Soap Operator, New Content, & More

We will probably see the Soap Operator Bundle come to Warzone in Season 3. After all, the skin is already basically in the game! These rumors have, again, been going on for a while, and we originally thought that it would come with Season 2! This would mean not just the Soap Skin, but the Serac finally making its way officially into the game... exciting!

Look, not a huge amount more has been revealed about Season 3. We expect to see a bunch more blueprints, and a bunch more weapons to jump into the game as usual. Probably more skins, some new POIs on Verdansk (if it doesn't get blown sky-high), and a bunch of extras. Lot's of bunches... Let's hang in there, and play the hell out of Warzone in the time being. After all, we've got to be ready for the end...

We will update this article as more news comes in about Warzone Season 3!

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