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Oh no, we won't get banana skins will we?

Warzone Season 3 Will Copy Fortnite

Call of Duty
warzone season 3 fortnite season 6
Warzone Season 3 could start with a bang. (Credit: Activision)

Activision Blizzard's Chief Revenue Officer, Brandon Snow, has alluded that Warzone will be getting Fortnite-style live events in the lead-up to future seasons. Warzone Season 3 is due out on April 22, could we be seeing a live Nuke Event?

Holy-moley, whilst Warzone and Fortnite fans often don't mix particularly well, no one could deny the gravity of such news! The interview Snow gave with Inverse certainly gave us a lot to think about. A Fortnite Season 6 style live event? We're in!

fortnite banana warzone season 3
Look, as long as Warzone Season 3 doesn't have a banana... we'll be happy. (Credit: Epic Games)

Warzone Will Have Live Events Like Fortnite

Snow had a lot to say, when asked "do you see Warzone moving into non-competitive social events like Fortnite": 

We certainly see Warzone as a very large ecosystem that can continue to engage players and provide places and spaces for people to gather.

Whilst this might not seem like it confirms anything at all, it was what he said next which left us all scratching our chinny-chin-chins...

In the upcoming seasons, you’re going to see some really cool new stuff that Warzone has never done before. It’ll be really exciting and done in a Call of Duty way.

That seems like a pretty strong hint, doesn't it? Click here for the whole interview, if our word's not enough for you.

Great news, if you as us. Warzone has already been going strong in its second season, though last week's anniversary was as disappointing as bad lasagna... a real kick in the balls. Seriously...

That's okay, though, because if Raven Software are waiting for Warzone Season 3 to have that kick-ass Nuke Event, and maybe launch that Ural Mountains Map, then it will be worth it for sure! That goes double if it turns out to be a live event similar to Fortnite's Season 6.

Seriously, check out the above trailer for Fortnite Season 6, it was... Fortnite-awesome. Obviously, it's Fortnite, but it is a pretty cool concept, isn't it? Well, this one last little teaser from Snow almost confirms what we suspect:

Only Warzone could do the things that we have planned in upcoming seasons.

We knew that something big is coming to Warzone, this much has been clear for a long time. Wouldn't it only make sense if the Nuke Event came in the form of a Fortnite-style live event?


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