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Warzone Season 2 Meta: State of the Game

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What is the deal with Warzone at the moment? The game has gone through a rough patch these last few months, but now that Season 2 has launched in our favorite Battle Royale, things finally look up again. It's time to look at Warzone's Season 2 Meta.

Season 2 has added a plethora of new features, many of which have our gears grinding, even if they are by no means revolutionary. Right now, the game's meta is in an interesting state, with a potential game-changing event on the horizon, so it's hard to know whether we should be cruising, or preparing ourselves for some massive changes.

Putting the game's future aside, what's the deal with Warzone right now? Well, there's a lot to get through, and we don't want to keep you reading for two long, so let's dive right in.

Warzone Season 2 Meta: What's the Deal?

There's not much to say other than that Warzone was absolutely f**ked after the Season 1 launch, when all of those BOCW guns just got dropped into the game. Here are some reasons...

  • Weapons were insanely unbalanced (*cough the DMR 14 fiasco cough*).
  • Bugs were aplenty!
  • There was basically no GOOD new content.
  • Rebirth Island was pretty damn disappointing.
warzone juggernaut
Warzone just doesn't seem that... explosive anymore. (Credit: Activision)

Since then, the DMR has been fixed, Season One: Reloaded brought a bit of fun back to the game, things were re-balanced, and Season 2 dropped, bringing the game back from the dead. It included a bunch of fixes, further rebalancing, and nice little tweaks here and there.

That's not to mention the cool stuff it added on top of that! Another list:

Warzone Season 2 Meta: How Should I Play?

Well, it's a little silly to ask that, isn't it? It's Warzone, mate. Shoot. Shoot people. Shoot zombies. Get shot. Don't get shot. Simple. Enjoy. There, that's the end of our guide, have a nice life...

Of course, we're joking, here's a couple of tips for the new meta, now that Season 2 is out... the first is to remember that the DMR 14 is no longer the kingpin. There isn't any one meta-weapon anymore, which is a good thing for the game's balance.

The Assault Rifle class is, however, still your best bet if you want to get your kills up. The FARA 83 is excellent, and we have a fantastic setup that you could try out. That would probably be the most useful gun to get your hands on, unless you somehow stumble across the blueprints to the Serac — now that thing’s pretty overpowered!

warzone fight
We're looking forward to diving back into the fight... maybe on a new map! (Credit: Activision)

Want some more tips?

Warzone has somewhat redeemed itself. It is stronger than it has been in months, but still feels a bit stale, even despite the cool new Zombie-Ship, and some great new weapons. The secrets are nice, but nothing will be that exciting until that long awaited event finally arrives... Hopefully that will be very soon indeed.


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