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Bunker Codes are back!

All Bunker Codes & Locations in Warzone Season 2

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warzone season 2 bunkers
There are three new Bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2! (Credit: Activision)

When Warzone Season 2 dropped, a bunch of new content was deployed into the game. Everyone's favorite Battle Royale got a new life, a new chance to revitalize, refresh, and become relevant again. There are also a bunch of new Bunkers, and that has us excited. How do we get in, and what can we discover?

It seems like an age since we last discussed Bunkers. Everyone loves them, which is unsurprising on account of all the cool loot, but there hasn't been much action lately. Now that Season 2 has raced into Warzone with style and finesse, some old favorites have been thrown out: Bunkers 00, 04, 05, 06, 09, and 11 are no longer accessible.

warzone bunker 11
Bunker 11 is closed due to 'contamination'... whatever that means! (Credit: Activision)

Why? Well, maybe a nuke? Maybe the end of the world is heading gradually closer. Very soon, we could see a Zombie-overrun map, and perhaps the only solution to this will be said nuke. That will certainly change a lot for Verdansk, and could explain why these Bunkers have been closed... and others opened.

That's what we're going to talk about here: what's the deal with the new Bunkers? How do we access them? What's in them? Well, now that your context has been set, let's dive in...

Accessing the Season 2 Bunkers: Nothing New Here, Folks

All three of these new bunkers are what you could classify as Red Access Card Bunkers. We have already covered Red Access Cards, how to collect them, and what they do. In the same article, we also break down all of the Red Access Card Bunkers themselves, though keep in mind that quite a few are no longer active.

To summarize, however, Red Access Cards drop in random loot drops around the map. So, to get your hands on one, you need to either pick one up in a random drop, or collect them off someone’s corpse. Pretty simple, really.

Bunkers, Bunkers, Bunkers!?!

With each of these bad boys, we're going to give you a bit of information about where it is, and a video to reveal its contents. Enjoy!

Bunker 1: Arklov Peak Military Base

To make your way into this first Bunker, it's time to head a little south of the Arklov Peak Military Base. It's located on a small hill by the roadside - don't worry, it's pretty f**king obvious. You have to drop into what looks like an active missile solo...

Bunker 2: Park Bunker #2!

Located in the same park as the original Park / Nuke Bunker, this bad boy is a pretty traditional example of a bunker. Basically, head right down to the southern-most part of the park, and you will find it in a hillside. OH, THE NOSTALGIA!

Bunker 3: Grazna Hills

The final Season 2 bunker is located near the Grazna Hills. It is a massive missile solo, so you'll bloody notice this pr**k! There is also another entrance in the side of a nearby hill, so just be careful of other intrepid explorers...

There you have it! The next bloody bunkers are alliteratively here, and our prayers are finally answered. Loot, loot, loot, loot, and secrets. The secrets are the moistest part, and the most enjoyable, but still, some of that loot makes our gonads rumble. F**k yeah!


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