Warzone: The SBMM Controversy

Call of Duty

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SBMM causes a big controversy in every Call of Duty. This is also the case in the free-to-play battle royale Warzone.

With every release of a CoD title, players complain about SBMM or skill-based matchmaking. Better players and pros in particular get annoyed that every match feels like the finals of the World Championship and they can´t have one fun not sweaty game. The defenders of SBMM say that especially for the large number of casual players this kind of matchmaking is necessary because they don't want to be destroyed by professional players. Since neither developers nor publishers are releasing exact information on how the SBMM system works, players are finding their own ways around it.

Reverse boosting, i.e. playing particularly badly or killing yourself to get into easier lobbies is one possibility. Until recently, however, players also used third-party sites or apps, such as SBMM Warzone. These grab the stats of all players and display them on demand. This way, for example, the average K/D of the lobby could be displayed. Players could simply switch lobbies until they found one with a really low K/D, in which they could then farm easy kills. Since this approach can almost be considered cheating, especially in tournaments, Activision blocked access to player data for third-party providers.

So far, there is no mode in Warzone without SBMM. However, League Play is coming soon to Black Ops Cold War, which should offer players an SBMM-free playlist. So, let's hope that there will be a competitive mode without SBMM in Warzone in the future.

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